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Chapter Six Hundred and Eighteen - Funnies (part five)


(part five)

“I’ll get him sick,” Julie said.

Mike stood up and went out the door to the backyard.

“My brother’s kind of immune to everything,” Jill said. She pressed a button. “I’m opening the gate now.”

Julie drove her car through the gate and all the way back to where Jill and Mike were standing.

“Should I take her to the apartment next to the medical offices?” Mike asked.

“Jake finished the one on the end,” Jill said, nodding.

“Furniture?” Mike asked.

“We furnished both apartments,” Jill said. “Jake thought that our friends or people from Lipson would need our help. I finished painting them last weekend.”

Julie came to a stop in front of them. Mike opened her door while Jill opened the door to the back. The toddler, Connor, was screaming at the top of his lungs. Paddie was unconscious — asleep or passed out. Jill wasn’t sure. Both boys looked desperately sick.

“She’s out cold,” Mike said.

“Can you…?” Jill asked.

Mike was undoing Julie’s seatbelt. He lifted her out of the vehicle and carried her through the backyard.

“Paddie,” Jill said, shaking the boy. “I need to wake up now.”

Paddie didn’t move. Jill unhooked him from the booster seat.

“Connor,” Jill said. “Can you wait here?”

The child nodded. Jill pulled Paddie out of the car seat. She jogged across the yard and set Paddie on the deck. She turned back to Julie’s car and grabbed Connor.

“What’s going on?” Honey asked. “Is that Paddie? He looks really sick.”

“Julie’s here,” Jill said. “She says that they all have Covid, so don’t touch him.”

“Got it,” Honey said. “Where are you taking the kids?”

“The apartments by the medical offices,” Jill said.

“Okay,” Honey said. “I’ll open the doors.”

“Thanks,” Jill said.

Jill watched Honey struggle her way up the stairs to the medical offices. She was just opening the door when Mike came out. He jogged down the steps and took Paddie. Jill grabbed Connor from his baby seat and carried him up the stairs and into the medical offices.

“Where are the boys?” Honey asked.

“It’s nap time,” Jill said.

“Maggie’s asleep too,” Honey said. “Why don’t I get her and we can head to your loft?”

“Can you get up there on your own?” Jill asked.

“I need to try,” Honey said with a grin.

Honey was learning to walk again after Abi intervened to end her paralysis.

“Do you know if Ivy’s here?” Jill asked.

“I think she’s with her Aunt, but don’t quote me,” Honey said.

Jill nodded.

“I’ve got this,” Honey said. “Just take care of them and we’ll figure out what’s next.”

“Thanks,” Jill said.

“Masks!” Honey said.

She held out small masks for the children and one for Julie.

“Connor?” Jill asked.

She looked down to see that the child was sound asleep. She put the mask on.

“I should get him inside,” Jill said. “Thanks Honey.”

“Any time,” Honey said. “She’s a Fey wife. I would be in her situation if it weren’t for you and our Castle family. I am very lucky.”

Smiling, Jill nodded. Honey raised her hand to wave good-bye. Jill carried Connor inside. She went inside the medical offices and to the apartment. When she got to the apartment, she saw that her mother, Anjelika, and sister, Candy, were standing around the bed where Julie and Paddie were lying.

Anjelika waved Jill toward the bed. Jill set Connor onto the bed.

“We need…” Jill started.

Steve jogged into the room with a liter of water in his hands. The family took each other’s hands and focused on sending healing energy to Julie and her precious children.

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