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Chapter Six Hundred: A solution to that fairy problem (part three)


(part three)

“Do you wish me to drown them all?” Aphrodite asked.

Abi looked at her old friend for a little too long of a moment.

“Zeus told the attendant that they were ‘necessary to the ecosystem of the earth,’” Aphrodite said. “I told her that they were necessary for the ecosystem of his genitals.”

Abi started to laugh. The two old friends laughed until they cried. Abi sighed again.

“Stop just short of killing them all,” Abi said.

“As you wish,” Aphrodite said.

Aphrodite restarted the fairies motion again. The noise level was once again overwhelming. Aphrodite clapped her hands.

“I need your attention,” Aphrodite said.

A pulse went through the room and the fairies stopped talking. They turned toward Aphrodite.

“As I see it the issue is this,” Aphrodite said.

Áthas’s envoy opened her mouth to speak.

“You dare to speak while I am,” Aphrodite opened her hand. “Be still.”

When Aphrodite closed her hand, the fairy princess no longer had a mouth.

“There are four fairies peoples,” Aphrodite said. “Queen Fand’s fairies, as led by Princess Edith her biological daughter and her son Prince Finegal.”

Edie dropped to her knees before Aphrodite. Fin appeared in the room in his royal finery. Seeing Edie, he dropped down to her side.

“Shakti’s fairies, as led by her lieutenant and envoys,” Aphrodite said.

The envoys and Shakti’s lieutenant dropped to their knees before Aphrodite.

“We have the missing or what we are calling the ‘lost fairies,’” Aphrodite said.

A group of fairies milling around the back of the room fell to their knees.

“And then there’s Áthas,” Aphrodite said. She sneered when she gestured to the envoy.

“We will not bow to you,” a fairy lieutenant said.

“Okay,” Aphrodite said. “Be gone.”

The fairy lieutenant exploded. The fairies gasped in horror as bits of the fairy lieutenant splattered onto them. Aphrodite shot Abi a look. Abi shook her head at her old friend.

“This is war!” another of Áthas’s fairy lieutenant’s said.

“Oh shut up,” Aphrodite said. “You threatened those who are dear to me. You are lucky that I don’t tell my dear friend Uriel what you tried to do to his granddaughter.”

The fairies loyal to Áthas shifted in place.

“Here’s what I offer,” Aphrodite said. “We can all agree that Princess Edith is the best fairy to lead a united Queendom. She is smart. She is stronger than every fairy in this room. She has plan to lift up the poorer fairies including educating them. She and her brother, Prince Finegal, have lived in the modern human world long enough to bring the entire fairy world into the modern times.”

“She will be your initial leader,” Aphrodite said.

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