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Chapter Six Hundred: A solution to that fairy problem (part six)


(part six)

“As hard as it might be to imagine,” Nyx’s voice was now as seductive as the shadow, “we need your assistance.”

“You need my…” Nelson turned to look at Heather. “What?”

“Remember our plan?” Heather asked.

“Yes,” Nelson said.

Heather nodded her head to Nyx.

“Oh,” Nelson said. “I see.”

A gasp went through the room. As if someone turned on a spot light, the shadow dissipated. Abi and Aphrodite were standing in the room. Nyx and Hecate dropped to their knees. Heather lowered her head.

“Mother,” Nyx said.

Abi waved Nyx and Hecate on to their feet. Hecate hopped off Nelson’s bed.

“Now that my room is filled with Goddesses,” Nelson said. “I wonder if I might I get dressed before we discuss why you’re here?”

“Of course,” Abi said.

Much to Nelson’s surprise, his room was immediately empty. He slipped out of bed and went into his bathroom. He slept naked so he put on boxer briefs, pajama bottoms and grabbed a long-sleeve shirt. He started toward the living room of his carriage house.

Standing in the doorway of his living room, he saw the shadow called Nyx holding both of Abi’s hands. They were speaking softly. It was clear that a great fondness went between these two powerful beings.

“Can I bring anyone anything?” Nelson asked.

The Goddesses turned toward him.

“Tea?” Nelson asked.

“My friend Hades was telling me about some biscuits that are made by you humans?” Nyx asked.

“As you wish,” Nelson said.

“I’ll help,” Heather said.

They went into the kitchen of the carriage house. Heather started a pot of tea while Nelson took down a tin of cookies that he’d made with the kids at the Castle.

“I have chocolates,” Nelson said. “Do Titans like chocolate?”

“Good question,” Heather said.

They worked for a few minutes in silence.

“Can you give me a clue as to what’s going on?” Nelson asked.

“Turns out my grandmother knows what polluted your father,” Heather said.

“What?” Nelson asked.

“Nothing I’ve ever heard of,” Heather said. “Nyx is here to explain it to us.”

Nelson nodded. He finished putting the cookies onto a plate at the same time the electric kettle finished. Heather poured the hot water over the tea in the pots. She nodded to Nelson and he carried a tray with cookies and the tea pots out into his living room. Heather followed with tea cups.

Nelson set the tray down on the coffee table in front of where Aphrodite had settled Nyx. When he looked up, he saw the most magnificent creature he’d ever seen in his entire life. She was beautiful, dark skinned with long dreadlocks and… The woman-like vision slipped back into shadow. Nelson realized that, by witnessing her being, he’d been given a precious gift. He lowered his head in thanks.

“My dear friend, Nyx, has been in hiding,” Abi said. “She was unaware that it was safe for her and other Titans to come out.”

“And yet, I know her like I know the contours of my own heart,” Nelson said.

For the briefest of moments, he saw Abi shook him a grateful smile. When he looked again, Abi’s face was neutral and calm.

“She has come to help us,” Abi said.

“Please, pardon my informality,” Nelson said. “I am not sure what the protocol is to addressing Titans and Goddesses and it’s 3 in the morning!”

“You may continue,” Abi said.

Nelson looked up at her. He’d seen Abi dancing around the Castle with two infants in her arms. He’d seen her laugh and talk as if she were human. In this moment, he realized that she was the most powerful being in this room, possibly the most powerful being in any room. He took a breath and gave a nod.

“How can I be of service?” Nelson asked.

“We need the Templar hoard,” Abi said.

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