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Chapter Six Hundred: A solution to that fairy problem (part one)


(part one)


Aphrodite pointed in the direction of where the fairies were negotiating. The attendant rolled her eyes and nodded.

“But,” the attendant said, “be prepared. They aren’t exactly sane, which is why we’re in this area.”

Aphrodite looked around. The room the fairies had been working was moved to an energetic desert.

“Yes, I wondered,” Aphrodite said.

The attendant nodded. She got up and walked Aphrodite across ten feet of what looked like sand but felt like glass to a door. The attendant knocked on the door before using what looked like a key to open a lock in the door.

“Shall I call your attendants?” the woman asked.

“No,” Aphrodite said. “That won’t be necessary.”

“Your granddaughter, perhaps,” the attendant asked.

Aphrodite laughed.

“You think this will make me angry?” Aphrodite laughed.

The attendant nodded.

“Abi is inside,” Aphrodite said.

“She is, my lady,” attendant said. “Ares left about an hour ago. Just sick of it.”

Aphrodite gave the attendant a wide smile.

“Yes,” the attendant said. “I was told to tell you not to destroy them.”

“Who?” Aphrodite asked.

“The fairies,” the attendant said with a sigh. She rolled her eyes and repeated something that she had clearly heard from someone else, “Fairies are an important part of the ecosystem of the earth.”

“Abi?” Aphrodite asked.

“Oh no,” the attendant said.

“Zeus,” Aphrodite said.

The attendant gave a quick nod.

“Important to the ecosystem of his genitals,” Aphrodite said, under her breath.

The attendant laughed.

“Did I say something?” Aphrodite gave the attendant a wicked grin. “Thank you for your assistance.”

“My lady,” the attendant said, with a bow.

Aphrodite went to the door. She turned back to the attendant.

“Has Hera been here?” Aphrodite asked.

“I like the way you think,” the attendant said with a laugh.

Aphrodite gave the attendant a nod.

“As you wish,” the attendant said, still laughing.

Aphrodite grinned and went through the door. The moment she was inside, she wished that she hadn’t entered this area. The noise was unbelievable. The fairies were screaming at each other. Edie was holding back a tall red haired fairy from attacking a fairy who looked like an Princess from India. The fairies were yelling at each other.

Abi stood to the side. Her hands were out as if she were holding the entire proceedings between them. She was so focused on what she was doing that she didn’t notice Aphrodite entering the area.

Aphrodite held up a hand and the fairies stopped motion. Abi looked up. Seeing Aphrodite, she grinned at her old friend.

“I was spending some time with my granddaughter,” Aphrodite said as she moved toward Abi, “and her charming step-children showed me one of those documentary films…”

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