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Chapter Six Hundred: A solution to that fairy problem (part four)


(part four)

“Here’s what I offer,” Aphrodite said. “We can all agree that Princess Edith is the best fairy to lead a united Queendom. She is smart. She is stronger than every fairy in this room. She has plan to lift up the poorer fairies including educating them. She and her brother, Prince Finegal, have lived in the modern human world long enough to bring the entire fairy world into the modern times.”

“She will be your initial leader,” Aphrodite said.

“On who’s authority?” Áthas’s lieutenant asked.

“On mine,” Abi said.

The ground under them shook when Abi spoke. The fairies fell silent.

“We will hold an election as they do in the human world,” Edie said. She stood to address the fairies. “After we get things settled and be unite. We plan to tour every fairyland. Once the systems and support are in place, we’ll have elections. These things will be lead by a emissaries from every fairy nation.”

“Very interesting, my dear,” Aphrodite interrupted. “Let me finish.”

“My lady,” Edie said.

“Now there are those who do not wish to be a party of this,” Aphrodite said. “For them, I offer this solution — join the human ranks. Give up your spot in the fairy nation. Make your way in the human world.”

“Will we keep our fairy powers?” one fairy yelled from the back of the room.

“It’s unlikely,” Aphrodite said with a shrug. “Your fairy power comes from the connection to your princess.”

Aphrodite looked around the room. Not a fairy stirred.

“I will give you exactly one minute to make your decision,” Aphrodite said. “After that minute, your choice will be executed.”

She theatrically turned over her hand to look at a non-existent watch on her wrist.

“A minute is too short of a time!” Áthas’s lieutenant said.

“By all means, spend your minute complaining and bickering,” Aphrodite said without looking up. Aphrodite blew out a breath. “So it is.”

There was a great breeze that ran through the room. Many fairies were simply gone including all of Áthas’s lieutenants. Oddly, none of the lost or missing fairies had chosen to leave. Any standing fairies dropped down to their knees to join the others.

“Now, the rest of you have work to do,” Aphrodite said.

“Goddess,” Edie said, standing. “Will the fairies remember us?”

“No,” Aphrodite said. “They will wake up in the human world. I have not left them starving or bereft. They have adequate housing and food. They will get up tomorrow morning and get on with lives they believe they have had for a long time.”

Aphrodite brushed her hands together.

“You have work to do,” Aphrodite said. “Be just. Be fair. Be patient. Support each other and you will grow. This is the way of this planet. Fight with each other and you will fail. I believe in you.”

The remaining fairies cheered.

“Now, I must leave you and take Abi with me,” Aphrodite said.

“If you need us, just call,” Abi said.

“We may even show up,” Aphrodite said.

Abi laughed.

“Let’s get to work!” Edie said, standing.

While the fairies cheered, Abi turned to Aphrodite.

“What is it?” Abi asked.

“They found it,” Aphrodite said. “The light extinguisher.”

“Where?” Abi asked.

“They found it in that salt mine,” Aphrodite said. “It’s at your friend, Seth’s.”

“Take me,” Abi said.

Aphrodite touched her friend’s arm and two of the most powerful beings on the planet vanished. The fairies settled down to work.

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