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Chapter Six Hundred: A solution to that fairy problem (part five)


(part four)

Monday early morning — 3:12 a.m.

“You will awaken now.”

Nelson gasped and sat up in his bed in the carriage house. He looked to see if Blane was there before remembering that Blane was with Heather tonight. He looked around the room to what had awakened him.

There was a human-like figure standing in the shadow.

Nelson rolled over and pulled a sword from under his mattress. The sword gave a slight hum as he pointed it at the figure.

“Show yourself,” Nelson demanded.

The figure did not move.

“Now,” Nelson said, as he’d learned as a child, he channeled his rage through his arm and into the sword. The sword began to hum and shine a pale light.

The figure did not move.

“Oh knock it off,” Heather’s voice came from the door to his bedroom. “You wanted his help. Stop being such an asshole.”

The figure laughed. Nelson looked at Heather.

“What’s going on?” Nelson asked Heather.

He knew that as long as Heather was there, he was protected from anything that could harm him. He leaned over to tuck the sword under his mattress. When he leaned back, Hecate was standing on the end of his bed. Her back was to Nelson as the Titan faced the figure in shadow.

“May I introduce my great-aunt Nyx,” Heather said.

“Who?” Nelson asked with a shake of her head.

“She’s my aunt,” Hecate said, still clearly on guard. “She is the Titan of the night. Daughter of Chaos.”

“Another Titan,” Nelson said under his breath.

“Are you surprised that I survived the purge?” the figure in shadow asked.

Nelson blinked a few times. He thought he’d seen a lovely feminine face with thick, plush lips and dark eyes. The face disappeared the moment his eyes focused on it.

“I was taught that the Titans were killed,” Nelson said. “I have learned from Hedone that this is not necessarily the case.”

There was a flash of bright white teeth smiling in the middle of the shadow.

“You have met Perses,” Nyx said.

Her distinctive voice was as familiar to Nelson as the depths of night. The dark seemed to surround him. The depths of shadow pressed against him. Nelson felt an overwhelming desire to weep with joy and wonder. Realizing how powerful this Titan was, he put a clamp on his emotions.

“And his children,” Nelson said with a nod.

The shadow grew in size.

“Hedone and Hecate are here because they do not trust me,” Nyx said. “I am only a danger to those who have never met the dark that lives inside them.”

Nelson didn’t dare say anything of he would start weeping. He gave a nod.

“That would not be you,” Nyx said.

Nelson felt the shadow ease away from him. He felt as if he’d somehow passed a test.

“I like him,” Nyx said.

Heather gave a nod that was more like a bow.

“To what do I owe the pleasure?” Nelson asked.

“As hard as it might be to imagine,” Nyx’s voice was now as seductive as the shadow, “we need your assistance.”

“You need my…” Nelson turned to look at Heather. “What?”

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