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Chapter Four Hundred and Sixty-three : Sequestered (part four)


(part four)

“Got it,” Ava said. “Now, you left a message for me?”

“I received an envelope from Bernice,” Seth said. “She found it when she was moving. It was put together by Big Daddy’s mother, Dinah. She collected a bunch of information on a man who was beaten to death in 1955 outside the Savoy. His sister was also beaten to death. Mitch and I consulted on that case when the NYPD opened a cold case division. That had to be a dozen or so years ago. There was no mention of the sister in the NYPD file. Bernice said her name was Delilah. She was a dance hall girl who worked under the name ‘Raven.’”

“We have no record of Delilah or ‘Raven,’” Ava said.

“They probably didn’t think she was important enough,” Seth said. “Dead prostitute and all.”

“Likely,” Ava said, in a voice that reflected her disgust. “The envelope?”

“It looks like stuff that Dinah, Big Daddy’s mother put together,” Seth said. “Newspaper clippings, a list of the people who were at the Savoy that night, a cocktail napkin with some lip prints on it. You know, stuff that you’d like to have.”

“Why would I like to have it?” Ava asked.

“Because you’re the queen of forensics?” Seth asked.

When she didn’t respond, he wondered if maybe she was actually in trouble and not working a case.

“What’s in this envelope?” Ava asked again.

“Uh,” Seth said.

“I guess I just asked you that,” Ava said. “Can you send it to me? Maybe Claire can add that Kodak she was going to send me.”

Ava was telling him to take pictures of everything in the envelope.

“I’ll FedEx it to the CBI,” Seth said.

“That works,” Ava said.

“One more thing,” Seth said.

“Yes?” Ava asked.

“Bernice said that the man who was beaten to death was the father of the Cigarette Killer,” Seth said. “The woman, Delilah, would have been his aunt.”

“Yes, I am aware of that,” Ava said. “What does that mean to you?”

“This is likely his first killing,” Seth said. “What else?”

“I see,” Ava said. “Can you hold?”

The line went completely silent as if she’d put it on mute. Seth looked around the orchestra. They were returning from the short break. He wanted to get through this piece one more time before they went home. Everyone had worked so hard and they were close to finishing this piece.

“Seth?” Ava asked.

Seth had completely forgotten that he was on the phone with her.

“Ava?” He asked trying to smooth over his surprise.

She chuckled.

“Forgot about the phone?” Ava asked.

Her natural fondness for him came through. He smiled.

“I’ve been authorized to tell you what’s going on,” Ava said.

“Okay,” Seth said.

“My team and I have been asked to review the forensics on the Cigarette Killer murders,” Ava said. Seth was about to ask why when she continued speaking. “As you know, I followed the case at the time, and have looked into the forensics previously. Myself and my team was selected due to our in depth knowledge of the case. However, because I am your wife, I have been asked not to communicate with you during our investigation. I’ve also been asked to tell you that you must stay in New York City until we’ve completed the forensic review.”

“That’s easy,” Seth said. “I’m going to be here at least another month.”

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