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Chapter Four Hundred and Seventy-nine : Cleaning dark energy (part three)


(part three)

“Uh,” Nash said. “Delphie?”

Delphie opened her eyes.

“What should I do?” Nash asked.

“Oh, good point,” Delphie said. It might have been the heat but she seemed to blush. “Can you take a spraybottles? Aden, you too. They have salt water inside. Just spray them in the corners. Because you’re tall, you should get the ceiling corners. But be warned, sometimes things jump out at you.”

“Good to know,” Aden said.

“Jump out?” Nash asked. “And you’re telling us now?”

“The sprite and the fire will take care of them,” Delphie said. She smiled. “Don’t worry. You are protected.”

Sandy pointed to how the fire had created a vacuum and was now effectively drawing the air from the room through the fire and out the chimney. Ivy ran into the room. Delphie gave Ivy and Sandy a bundle of sage from the pockets of her dress. Aden used his smoking sage bundle to clean Ivy’s energy. Noelle came in the room right afterwards. Ivy lit her sage and cleaned Noelle and Nash used his sage bundle to clear Honey’s energy when she rolled into the room.

“Maggie?” Sandy asked.

“She wanted to play with everyone at Valerie’s apartment,” Honey said.

“Oh great,” Delphie said. “Can you do the middle, Honey? We’ll have the children get the lower portion of the wall and the floor.”

“Got it,” Honey said.

To Honey’s surprise, Delphie gave her a spray bottle.

“Salt water,” Sandy said under her breath.

Honey nodded, but the look on her face clearly said that she had no idea what she was doing.

“Go on,” Delphie said, again, with a wave of her hand.

Aden lit Sandy’s sage bundles. They stood in place for a moment before Aden shrugged.

“We may as well start,” Aden said. “Please — be careful with the lit end. You’ll get a nasty burn.”

“We know, Dad,” Noelle said.

Grinning at Noelle’s sassy voice, Sandy gave Aden a sympathetic touch on his arm. He said in a low voice, “Dad.” Aden was struggling with Noelle’s shift from calling him “Daddy” to “Dad.” Sandy smiled at him.

“Get to work,” Aden said.

Sandy laughed at him and went to sage a wall. They waved the sage around the walls until the air was grey with smoke.

“There! There!” The little sprite, now sitting in Honey’s lap, was pointing in a corner. Nash and Aden aimed their salt water sprays at that corner. Everyone in the room stopped moving when the dark force jumped off the wall in their direction.

The darkness was the stuff of nightmares. It was shaped somewhere between a human shadow on a bright day and the vague outline of a hole in the ground. When the children clapped, the spirit moved back.

“Delphie!” Noelle yelled.

“What do we do?” Ivy asked.

The sprite started screaming in some other language. Horrified everyone stopped in place.

“Sandy!” Honey yelled.

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