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Chapter Four Hundred and Seventy-nine : Cleaning dark energy (part six)


(part six)

Tuesday night — 9:37 p.m. ET

Untermeyer Fountain, Central Park

New York City, New York

“Tink!” Ramona said and held up a cup of hot chocolate.

Seeing Sissy’s friend from the ballet academy, Tink climbed down from the ladder they were using to film the night’s dance. They were standing on the outer circular pathway around the Untermeyer Fountain in Central Park. Tink took the cup from Ramona and smiled in thanks. Ramona nodded in reply. They turned to watch the dancers get ready to dance. Sissy, Melinda, and a principal dancer from another company were getting ready to replicate the three dancing women of the fountain.

“She’s really good,” Ramona said.

“Sissy?” Tink asked as she blew on her hot chocolate.

Ramona nodded.

“Those other women are principals at other dance companies,” Ramona said. “Sissy’s not exactly as great as they are…”

“She holds her own,” Tink said.

Ramona nodded.

“She was always a lot better than the rest of us,” Ramona said. “She’s sixteen, right?”

Tink nodded. Ramona sighed. Sissy and the other dancers laughed at something Ivan had said. Outside of Charlie, who was standing on another ladder with a camera on it, they were the only people at the fountain. As soon as they started broadcasting people would arrive. These dance parties had become so popular that Ivan had been asked to keep the events under two hours. Sissy had used this to convince Ivan to have an event on a “weekday.”

“Hey, I wanted to ask you something,” Ramona said. Afraid the question was about her family, Tink tensed up. “I wonder if you know why Sissy won’t come back to school.”

“What do you mean?” Tink asked.

“She’s supposed to do a check-in,” Ramona said, leaning in so Tink could hear her. “You know, just a simple — ‘How are you?’ and a little dance. Melinda’s supposed to do it.”

Ramona nodded to the woman dancing with Sissy right now.

“They’ve scheduled them a couple of times. Three times, I guess,” Ramona said.

Tink turned to look at Ramona.

“Sissy doesn’t show up,” Ramona said. “I heard Melinda ask Ivan about it and he says that he won’t force her. I mean, after all the bullshit last year, I don’t blame Sissy. It’s just…”

The music, the cameras turned on, and the three women began the dance to replicate the three women in the fountain. Tink and Ramona watched in rapt attention.

“She’s so good,” Ramona said.

Nodding, Tink took a drink of her hot chocolate.

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