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Chapter Four Hundred and Seventy-nine : Cleaning dark energy (part five)


(part five)

“What’s that for?” Honey asked.

“Because I can,” Fin said with a smile.

He took Ivy’s hand to complete the circle. Abi went to the center of the circle.

“Close your eyes, please,” Abi said. “I will lead you on a quick meditation.”

She waited for everyone’s eyes to close.

“Please take three deep breaths,” Abi said. “Don’t hurry. We will wait. Breathe in the sage smoke.”

She waited in silence until she saw everyone begin to calm.

“We live in a time of great change,” Abi said. “You must call upon your ancestors for their wisdom and power. Even if you cannot see them, they are here with you when you call. Call to your guardians — angels and others who are here to care for you. They are here to help you live your very best life.”

“Now,” Abi’s voice slowed, “think of all that you love — a moment when you noticed the wonder of this world, a beloved child or friend, a time when you were rescued from fear or pain. Allow yourself to fill with this feeling.”

Abi fell silent as she watched over each of them. She saw the spirits of each of their ancestors standing just behind each of them. She watched the angels, guides, and other unseen loving creatures collect around the circle. She nodded to some she knew and sent a welcoming smile to those she didn’t. When the light around each of them was bright and warm, Abi continued.

“I hold in my hand a globe of light,” Abi held her hand out. “It is empty of all energy. Send me your light.”

A ball of light began to grow in her hand. When it was the size of a Swiss exercise ball, she said: “You may open your eyes.”

They took a collective gasp at the golden ball in Abi’s hand. Abi clapped her hands and the golden light flew through them to the walls, ceiling, and floor.

“Wow,” Noelle whispered to Ivy, who nodded.

“Sweet grass,” Delphie said.

She passed out a piece of sweet grass to everyone there. They lit the sweet grass and used the smoke to seal in the warm yellow light of love. When they were done, they were covered in dust, dirt, and smudged with ash and happy none the less. The light of their golden energy glowed in every heart. They saged each other one last time before taking turns taking salt scrub showers. Sandy found Delphie standing in the middle of the room.

“How do you think it went?” Sandy asked Delphie.

Delphie looked worried.

“What bothers you?” Sandy asked.

“I don’t know what that thing was,” Delphie said.

“Do you need to know?” Sandy asked. “Seems to me that it’s gone and good riddance.”

“Yes, I’m sure you’re right,” Delphie said.

She patted Sandy’s shoulder and the woman walked out of the room. Delphie shot the room one last worried look before leaving to take her shower.

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