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Chapter Four Hundred and Seventy-five : Help from Friends (part five)


(part five)

“They can’t come here for Jeraine,” Blane said. “Fairy magic.”

“Then what?” Heather asked.

Someone pounded on the door.

“Mrs. Lipson, this is Channel 4 news,” the man said.

Heather and Blane looked at each other in horror. The news media were there to talk to them. They stood like statues in the living room.

“I swear that I saw the curtain flicker,” another man’s voice said.

“Mr. Lipson, we want to talk to you about … uh … Chester?” the man yelled through the door.

A sound came from the back of the house. Expecting more reporters, Heather and Blane flipped around to look at the backdoor. They stood still as steps came in their direction.

Mike appeared from the back with Valerie.

“Grab what you need and come on,” Mike said.

Heather ran upstairs to get her purse. Blane took his wallet and phone from the cubby in the kitchen. Mike took Blane’s phone from him and went to the kitchen sink.

“They’ll track your phone,” Mike said.

He turned on the kitchen faucet to fill a basin.

“But …” Blane said.

“I’ll buy you a new one if you need it,” Mike said. “Heather?”

She gave Mike her cell phone. Mike took off the protective cases and dropped the phones into the water. Mike grabbed Blane and Heather’s arms and started toward the back. They were at the back door when Valerie opened the front door.

“Thank you for your concern,” Valerie said in the tape they saw a week later. “As you can imagine, my brother and his wife are very upset. They are asking for privacy in this terrible time.”

Valerie slipped back into the front door, bolted the locks, and ran to the back where Mike was waiting. Valerie got into the back of Mike’s Bronco and they laid down the entire way to the Castle. Once inside the gates, Mike led Blane and Heather around the back of the Castle to the kitchen. Jill and Sandy took Heather into the living room leaving Blane with Sam.

“How did you know?” Blane asked.

“Believe it or not, Val got a call from TMZ,” Mike said. “They wanted a quote from her. In return, they told her that Chet’s parents have sent out publicity notices that it was God’s judged Chet for his homosexuality and put him to death. It also has some choice things to say about you and Heather. We figured we’d head them off at the pass.”

“Thank you.” Blane gave Val a numb nod.

“Samantha’s already called,” Mike said. “She said that Max has someone at his firm that will help you. He should be here in a half hour or so.”

“Where’s Jake?” Blane asked, looking around for him.

“He’s at school,” Valerie hugged Blane. “We have to get ready for the kids and the press. He’s there with Helen working out what’s next. But …”

Valerie grabbed the front of Blane’s shirt and shook him a bit.

“I am your spokesperson, at least until the lawyer says otherwise,” Valerie said.

“Samantha said that if we like the lawyer, he’ll be the spokesperson,” Mike said with a nod.

“You’ll stay here,” Sam said. “At least until this blows over.”

“When’s that going to be?” Blane asked Sam.

Sam responded by hugging him.

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