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Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty-four : Break fast (part three)


(part three)

Sissy shrugged.

“Hmm,” Sandy said. “So this is coming from inside you.”

Sissy nodded. Sandy’s head went up and down in sympathy.

“I think so, but how do you ever know?” Sissy asked.

Sandy took a drink of coffee to give herself time to think. After a moment, she nodded.

“What I know is that love makes everything work,” Sandy said. “It seems to me that with your love for Ivan and his love for you, you will both be able to move mountains.”

“You sure?” Sissy asked.

Sandy gave her a soft nod. Sissy smiled.

“We can’t know the future,” Sandy started one of their father Mitch’s favorite sayings.

“Let’s just take it one decision at a time,” Sandy and Sissy said together.

“I don’t want to look back and think that I could have had an awesome life if …” Sissy lifted a shoulder in a shrug. “You know, like mom. Her whole story is that her life would have been better if she didn’t have kids or marry our dad or …”

Sissy nodded.

“So, don’t do that,” Sandy said. “You can decide today that you’re going to live your life facing forward. Make a decision today, move forward. Make another decision.”

“You mean like Dad?” Sissy asked.

“I never heard Dad say that he regretted anything — not even the Agent Orange that gave him the sarcoid,” Sandy said.

“‘What a grand time that was!’” Sissy quoted Sandy quoting their father.

Sandy smiled at the memory of their father, Mitch.

“I think he’d be really happy for you,” Sandy said. “Should we ask Delphie?”

Sissy shook her head and then after a moment wagged her head side to side.

“Maybe,” Sissy said.

“You can ask her when you’re home,” Sandy said.

Sissy nodded.

“When you come home next week, are you staying at the Castle?” Sandy asked. “Or at Ivan’s condo?”

“Ivan’s rented the condo to someone from Denver Ballet,” Sissy said.

“Oh?” Sandy asked.

“It happened after the wedding,” Sissy said.

Sandy nodded.

“I thought maybe we’d stay at the Castle,” Sissy said. “You think we could … you know … stay together? Ivan and me?”

“I’ll talk to Aden,” Sandy said.

Sissy grinned at Sandy.

“But not today,” Sandy said.

“He’s going to be plenty mad when he gets done with Nuala,” Sissy said with a nod.

Sandy nodded.

“Do you have to deal with that today?” Sissy asked.

“No,” Sandy said. “I have to deal with Seth.”

Sissy grinned.

“Actually,” Sandy said. “Everything is done. I just have to sign papers and go to the party, then head home. That’s not too hard. As far as I can tell, Seth has not created any Sethian chaos. Yet.”

“Everyone is saying it’s the party of the century.” Sissy nodded. “A real send off.”

Sandy smiled at Sissy’s exuberance.

“Let’s get out of here,” Sandy said.

Sandy grabbed the check from the table and they went back to Ivan’s home. When they arrived, the apartment was a hive of activity. Everyone was up and excited for the party to come. Sandy and Sissy allowed themselves to be caught up in the stream. They were soon in Harlem. Sandy left Sissy with Ivan to sign papers.

“How was breakfast?” Ivan asked.

“Good,” Sissy said.

“Are we going to Denver for Wanda’s surgery?” Ivan asked.

“Is that okay?” Sissy asked.

“Is our life,” Ivan said. “Not gulag. We do what we want.”

Grinning at Ivan, Sissy nodded in agreement.

“Oh look, it’s Seth,” Sissy said and pointed.

Seth stepped up to a piano and began to play. The concert began.

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