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Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty-four : Break fast (part five)


(part five)

“I just have to do something …” Aden said.

“It is always hard to do things we have to do,” the man said.

“I’m pretty good at doing things I have to do,” Aden said. “I like the cool precision of filling out forms, even taxes. I run a construction company. There’s a ridiculous amount of things we have to do to get any work started.”

“I see,” the man said. “That being the case, don’t you think we should head inside? Face the music, as it were.”

Aden startled. He looked at the man again.

“We?” Aden asked. His stomach sank. “I suppose you work for Nuala.”

The man simply looked at him.

“God damn it,” Aden said. “I didn’t even think of having a lawyer here.”

“Yes, I am aware of that,” the man said.

“I suppose you work for Nuala,” Aden repeated.

“You may suppose whatever you wish, sir,” the man said.

Aden squinted as he ran through their entire conversation. He stuck out his hand.

“Aden Norsen,” he said.

“I assumed,” the man said with a twinkle in his eye. He shook Aden’s hand and said, “I am Wooster.”

The man took a breath to continue but Aden interrupted.

“Bertie?” Aden asked quickly without thinking. “You sound like Jeevs.”

He was treated with a wide grin.

“Fortunately not,” the man said. “I am Allister. Allister Wooster. Thank God my parents had better sense than to name me Bertram or even Bertie.”

Aden grinned at the man.

“You can see why I had to leave Britain,” Allister said.

“Yes, I can see that,” Aden said.

“You may call me, Allister,” the man said. He gave Aden an assessing look before adding, “No one reads P.G. Wodehouse these days.”

“The stories are funny,” Aden said. “I like to listen to books on my way between job sites. We have a policy that the CEO must be on every work site at least once a week. It’s a lot of driving.”

“I imagine that is so,” Allister said. He smiled. “Before you suppose I work for your ex-wife again, I am employed by Ms. Kerminoff.”

“Nadia,” Aden said. The man nodded.

“Actually, I worked for her father, mostly,” Allister said. “Her mother needed me much less and I can say that this is the first time I’ve had to actually do anything other than review papers in years. It’s kind of exhilarating.”

“I imagine that’s true,” Aden said with a smile.

“I will say that I had the dubious honor of procuring Nadia’s mother,” Allister said.

“Oh?” Aden asked.

“She was fifteen,” Allister said. “Not a day older than your Nash.”

Aden wasn’t sure why but he felt flush of embarrassment.

“I’m not selling Nash,” Aden said. “He’s not for sale!”

One look at Allister’s face, and Aden felt immediately ridiculous. Allister smiled at Aden until Aden laughed.

“Come now,” Allister said. “I told you that to make you feel more comfortable. I like your Nash. He’s smart and funny, surprisingly handsome. I wouldn’t have picked him for Nadia — and I’m not above having judgements about the entire torrid affair — but somehow, Nash and Nadia just fit.”

Aden gave a slight nod as he didn’t know how he felt about Nash and Nadia either.

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