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Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty-eight : Freaked out (part six)


(part six)

Monday evening — 11:20 p.m. ET
Denver, Colorado

“You’re really just a big kitty,” a woman’s voice said.

Hearing voices, Ivan had gone to the door of the apartment in the basement of the Castle. He quietly opened the door.

“You are speaking to an ancient being,” a deep male voice said.

“Just a baby boy.” The woman made a kissing sound, and the male chuckled in a deep way.

Worried that these were the people coming for Chet, Ivan crept down the hallway toward the voices. He reached the corner and looked out.

He squeaked with horror.

The hall was all but filled with a creature with a lion head, large golden wings, four paws, and a snake for a tail. Ivan’s horror drew the creature’s attention. The big lion head jerked in his direction.

Horror coursed through Ivan’s veins. He froze.

In a breath, the creature’s snout was an inch from Ivan’s face. The creature took a deep sniff. Ivan’s hair blew in the creature’s direction.

“Russian. Human. Dancer. You must be Ivan.” The creature bowed to Ivan. “I apologize for frightening you.”

When the creature bowed, Ivan felt fear flush from him. Abi caught him just as his knees buckled. She was able to keep him from falling to the ground.

“There’s a monster,” Ivan said to Abi.

“I am not a monster,” the creature said. “I am a Chiron.”

“Not real,” Ivan said. “I’m dreaming.”

Abi kissed Ivan’s cheek. He felt waves of golden light flow through him like a warm summer breeze. He could almost see his heart inflate with golden light. The darkness that lingered from the gulag and his sister’s death blew away in the warmth. He sighed a breath of golden light.

Abi snapped her fingers. Ivan was back in bed with Sissy. He put his arm around Sissy and fell into a profound, restorative deep sleep.

“Try not to scare them,” Abi said. “Hedone asked you not to scare them.”

“How ever will I determine which ones are here do to evil?” the Chiron asked. “Hedone gave me the sacred duty of protecting these humans from those with religious delusions. I owe Hedone my life. I will protect these humans to the best of my ability.”

“They won’t look like a Russian dancer,” Abi said.

“Humans look the same to me,” the Chiron said. “Every one of them. Always have.”

Abi looked at the creature.

“Why don’t we patrol together?” Abi asked.

“I would love that,” the Chiron purred. “Now that you are mating with that… fairy, I never get to spend time with you, mother.”

Abi scratched under the Chiron’s chin. They set off down the hallway.

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