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Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty-eight : Freaked out (part four)


(part four)

“Don’t pet my afro,” Tanesha said with a tearful laugh.

Heather laughed and went back to her seat. She waited while Tanesha wiped her tears and caught her breath.

“Is it possible that he’s used these other women as a surrogate for you?” Heather asked in a kind, soft way. “Practice so he could get it right when it really mattered to him?”

Tanesha’s smart eyes traced Heather’s face. When she realized she should respond, Tanesha lifted a shoulder in a kind of shrug.

“It’s what he says,” Heather said.

“It doesn’t really change anything for me,” Tanesha said. “Does it?”

Heather gave a slow shake of her head.

“I still have to wait and see what happens,” Tanesha said.

“Or just enjoy the weekend, soak it up, and …” Heather shrugged.

“What’s …” Tanesha shrugged, “ … mean?”

“It means that not everything is connected to everything else,” Heather said. “You can have a nice weekend, take in all that he has to give, and get back to living your life. If Jeraine screws up, deal with it then. If he doesn’t, go from there. But enjoy it first. Draw deep and let it strengthen you. You’ll be devastated if he screws up again. That’s a fact. Not taking in his love now won’t mitigate what he does later.”

Tanesha’s head went up and down in a nod. She looked down at her hands. Her right hand picked at her manicure for a few minutes.

“I wonder if I can do that,” Tanesha said finally.

“You can certainly pretend to,” Heather said.

Tanesha laughed. For a moment, the two women’s eyes caught. They’d been best friends for almost all of this life. Tanesha nodded.

“You have a big life now,” Heather said. “Another month or so of work and then back to school. A son who loves you. Parents to annoy and cheer for you. Your Gran. Jeraine is just a small part of it …”

“Not all of it,” Tanesha said with a nod. Tanesha smiled. “Thanks.”

Heather smiled and looked down at her aliens and spaceship.

“What are you doing?” Tanesha asked.

“Oh …” Heather sighed. “Seth’s in a jam. I told him I would help him.”

“Oh?” Tanesha asked.

Heather explained how Seth had disappeared and how she’d found him locked to the table in the old police interrogation rooms below the vacant subway station.

“Is he still there?” Tanesha asked.

“No,” Heather said. “I sent him home. Well, he was asleep so I just transported him home. He’ll wake up in his own bed. I did leave a note where he was before though.”

“A note?” Tanesha asked.

“Saying that he was at home if they needed him,” Heather said with a nod.

“I can see that this would require three species of alien and a space craft,” Tanesha said with a nod.

Heather looked down at the shakers and laughed.

“I’m trying to figure out who took him,” Heather said.

“Who took who?” Tanesha asked.

“Who kidnapped Seth and put him into the room,” Heather said.

“Ah,” Tanesha nodded.

“Exactly,” Heather said.

“The suspects?” Tanesha asked.

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