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Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty-three : How to make decisions (part six)


(part six)

Thursday early morning — 3:25 a.m. ET

Between New York City and France

Sissy stretched her legs into the aisle. Jammy had taken his seat next to her in First Class, stuck ear buds in his ears, leaned against the window, and fell sound asleep. They were sitting in First Class on their way to Paris, France.

Somehow, during their meal of pancakes, Jammy had received a call that the Paris Opera Ballet was requesting that Sissy apply to their school. The Royal Ballet Company must have called as well because Sissy was supposed to spend the latter half of today interviewing for them. Tomorrow, she would either go to the Vaganova School in St. Petersburg, Russia and the Bolshoi in Moscow on Saturday, or they would meet her in Paris. Sissy should know what was going to happen but she wasn’t paying attention. Jammy, Otis, and Ivan had set the whole thing up while Sissy was watching the people walk on the sidewalk past the diner window.

One way to not make a decision was to watch people walking on the sidewalk while your life unfolds in front of you. Sissy sighed.

It was probably just as well that Sissy didn’t know. She would have said that she didn’t want to go, because she didn’t want to go. Plus, Tink and Charlie were visiting and Tink had just lost her brother and her mother. Of course, Tink is the one who made Sissy go. Well, Tink and Sandy. Sissy had called Sandy from the airport. Sissy had wept her fears into the phone while Sandy told her that everything was going to be okay.

Sandy never lied. So everything was going to be okay. It just didn’t feel that way right now.

Sissy sighed and tucked her feet back into her area. The flight attendant came along to bring Sissy more water. The flight attendant also gave the man across the aisle a bottle of water. When the flight attendant moved, the man raised his bottle of water in a kind of salute. The man was older and wore reading glasses. He was wearing a suit. His body looked like it had at one point been active and fit. Now, his body reflected more time spent at the board room table than the gym. He had a smart, gentile quality about him. Deeming him harmless, Sissy smiled at the man.

“Bonsoir,” the man said a proper “good evening” to Sissy in French.

“Bonsoir,” Sissy replied with a smile.

“Do you speak French?” the man asked. His voice reflected his surprise.

“It depends on what you consider ‘speaking’,” Sissy said in French. She laughed. “I’ve been learning French and Russian. My friend Mari speaks only French to me twice a week when we meet. I’m not very good.”

“And Russian?” the man asked in French.

“My boyfriend is from Russia,” Sissy said. Her face blushing as she had never called Ivan her “boyfriend” before.

The man nodded to Jammy.

“That’s my agent,” Sissy said.

“Your agent,” the man said with a twinkle in his eye. “You must be famous.”

Sissy shook her head vehemently. The man laughed at her sincerity.

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