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Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty-four : New (part two)


(part two)

Thursday morning — 7:10 am

Denver, Colorado

Aden came out of the Castle and scowled. He looked around, finally spying Jacob across the street. Shaking his head, he went out the gate, past the paparazzi, across the street and down one house to where Jacob was standing. Aden turned to face the Jacob was standing. He followed Jacob’s line of sight to look at the dilapidated house in front of them. They stood there for a moment.

“What are you doing?” Aden asked.

Aden clasped himself in an effort to stay warm.

“Forget your jacket?” Jacob asked. He glanced at Aden and then turned back to look at the house.

“When I went looking for you, I didn’t know you’d be out here in the freakin’ cold like a madman,” Aden said.

“Would you like my jacket, my dear?” Jacob asked.

“Very funny,” Aden said.

Jacob went back to staring at the house. A few minutes later, Blane pulled up in his SUV. Blane got out of his vehicle and stood at the other side of Jacob. Blane stood there for a moment before looking at Jacob, and then at Aden.

“What are we doing?” Blane asked.

“No idea,” Aden said. “Ask the man.”

Jacob laughed. They stood there looking at the house for a few more minutes.

“Come on, man, it’s freezing,” Blane said. “What are you doing?”

Jacob laughed.

“I’ll tell you in the car,” Jacob said. “Aden’s dying from the cold.”

“I have an extra jacket,” Blane said.

Blane ran back to the SUV and took out a thick sheepskin coat. He gave it to Aden. Aden put it on. Taller and generally bigger than Jacob and Blane, his wrists stuck out of the sleeves by at least three inches. Jacob shrugged.

“At least it’s warm,” Aden said, and stuck his hands in the pockets of his jeans.

“I wanted to show you this house,” Jacob said. “I have a client who bought it a dozen years ago. I refurbished the carriage house and was going to start on the house, but he had a change of heart. So it’s just been sitting here.”

Jacob glanced at Blane and then at Aden.

“He called late last night and asked if I could take a look at it again,” Jacob said. “He needs a couple of apartments and a family area. Kind of like what we have at the Castle and over at Alex’s rooming house.”

Aden scowled and Blane looked at Jacob.

“I was thinking of making it into lofts,” Jacob said. “You know top floor attic apartment, middle floor two lofts, bottom floor shared family space, and a huge basement for a recording studio and an apartment or two really, there’s lots of space. He said six adults, three kids.”

Jacob nodded. He glanced at Blane and raised his eyebrows.

“Anything to add?” Jacob asked.

“Nothing has happened,” Blane said.

When Aden’s head jerked to look at him, Blane blushed.

“What are we talking about?” Aden asked looking back at Jacob.

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