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Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty-eight : New friends (part four)


(part four)

Thursday morning — 8:30 a.m.

Denver, Colorado

Abi looked around the table in the main kitchen of the Castle. Delphie was sitting across from her. Dionne, Jeraine’s mother, was sitting to her right. Yvonne, Tanesha’s mother, was sitting across from Dionne. Maresol set a pan of breakfast tacos on the table and sat down next to Dionne. Blane jogged into the kitchen in time to get a couple of breakfast tacos. He sat down next to Yvonne.

“Sorry I’m late,” Blane said.

“We’re just getting started,” Abi said with a smile. “Do you mind if I speak while you eat? I have a lot to tell you.”

Mouths full, the women mostly nodded at Abi. Blane shot her a bright smile.

“Is Sam coming?” Abi asked.

“He was a breakfast with Aden to talk about the business,” Delphie said. “He mentor’s Aden once a week. He should be …”

Sam ran in the room. He grabbed and extra chair from the side. He set the chair next to Delphie and sat down.

“We were just starting,” Abi said.

“Oh good,” Sam said. “I’d hate to miss anything.”

Abi gave him a soft smile. Sam was such a good hearted human that he was hard not to like.

“We are here to talk about the Fire of Hell,” Abi said.

“Isn’t it the ‘Fires of Hell’?” Delphie asked.

“No,” Abi said. “The one is Leadville is one of many Fire of Hell. Together, they are called the ‘Fires of Hell.’”

“Tricky,” Yvonne said.

“Right,” Abi said.

“What are they?” Dionne asked.

“You know that the continents drift,” Abi said. Yvonne shook her head. Abi held her right hand flat and a blue ball appeared. “If you can imagine that the land we are standing on is a kind of crust floating on liquid ball.”

A flaky crust appeared on the ball suspended in Abi’s hand.

“Now take that ball and spin it.” The ball began to spin. “The earth is not unlike this ball. Gravity, the earth’s rotation, even its placement in space causes these pieces to move.”

The flaky crust became the usual outlines of continents.

“In at least four separate occasions, the crust has formed a larger land mass.” The crust of Abi’s ball floated into one large land mass and then separated again. “As you can imagine, it takes a really, really long time.”

Abi looked at each person and they all seemed to be with her.

“Now, if we get rid of this crust,” Abi said. “Gilfand and I found ten of these Fires of Hell. We don’t believe that we’ve found them all. These holes go from the surface straight to the center of the earth.”

Abi pointed to the holes on the ball rotating in her hand.

“Are they vent holes?” Maresol asked. “Like in a volcano?”

“Vent holes are where things come out of the earth,” Abi said. “The vent holes are static, meaning that gasses, lava, and the like only come out of the holes. These Fires of Hell are similar in that things can come out of the holes, but things can also go inside. They work both ways.”

“In some areas of the world, people have stuffed these Fires of Hell with bodies, garbage, waste of all kinds, even dirt,” Abi said.

“Why would they do that?” Delphie asked.

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