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Chapter Five Hundred and twenty-two : ...with a big mess... (part six)


(part six)

Thursday night — 10:20 p.m.

Nelson had stepped inside the door to his apartment and stopped walking. He may or may not have locked the door.

In his exhausted states, his mind began to fall apart. He’d carefully constructed his entire life in order to specifically to avoid any thought about his childhood and this person who was at the very center of his pain. He felt like a nuclear bomb had gone off in his psyche. Standing in the entryway to his home, he could feel his life crumble around him.

There was something wrong with his eyes. He couldn’t focus on the world around him. As if he was surrounded by a dark cloud, he only saw darkness.

He felt oddly blank.

A breeze came up from behind him. He didn’t respond. He didn’t care if some drug crazed criminal broke into his house and killed him outright. At this moment, he was more dead than alive.

The wind seemed to blow him into his kitchen. The next thing he knew, he was eating the best apple he’d ever eaten. He knew it was an apple by the taste and texture.

He blinked. His eyes were starting to clear.

“This must be what magic feels like,” he said out loud.

Then he did something he’d never done before — he ate the core of the apple. Another apple appeared in his hand. He found himself devouring the apple as if his life depended on it.

Only when he’d eaten the entire thing, core and all, was he able to take his first real breath since seeing M.J. again.

“Fuck,” he said out loud.

His eyes cleared completely. He saw that what he’d taken for his kitchen was actually some other kitchen filled a kind of golden light.

He closed and opened his eyes. Thinking it might help, he loosened his tie.

A blurry figure appeared before him. He felt such overwhelming joy in the presence of this creature that he fell to his knees.

And so Nelson Weeks began the second half of his life.

Before he was a forensic scientist with the Best Fucking Back Up Laboratory, before he was an emergency medicine doctor, before he was at the top of his fellowship, before he was the best person to ever gone through his residency program, before he was Summa Cum Laude in his medical school class at University of California, San Francisco, before he was Summa Cum Laude at Georgetown University, before he’d graduated at the top of his class at East High School in Denver, when he was simple old Guy Semaines, he was a human child whose mother had died a horrible death, and whose his father had never recovered from it.

That human child met the Goddess of Love one night.

For a while, he hung in the in-between.

And, then, his life started again.

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