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Chapter Five Hundred and twenty-two : ...with a big mess... (part five)


(part five)

“What’s happened?” Jabari asked. “Who fucked up?”

“Jabari!” Tanesha said.

M.J. and Honey struggled to keep from laughing. Sam scowled.

“That’s what happened right?” Jabari said with a shrug. “So, did you screw around?”

He looked at his father and then at M.J. Shaking her head incredulously, Tanesha plucked Jabari up from Jeraine’s lap.

“But Mommy, they might need my help!” Jabari said as she carried him away. “Daaaddddy! You can come get me if you need help.”

They waited until the boy was out of hearing range before everyone laughed.

“He has a lot of experience with this kind of thing,” Jeraine said. “You know, from his mom’s house.”

“Daaaddddy!” Jabari yelled from upstairs. “You didn’t say ‘goood niiiiight.”

“The boy has a set of lungs on him,” Jeraine said. He got up and started toward the door. He stopped and turned back, “You know, Jabari’s mom is really cruel. She says horrible things to people all the time. My therapist says it’s because she feels like she’s powerless. She doesn’t remember what she says — to me, to Jabari, to Tanesha. We were supposed to switch to shared custody but she went crazy on Jabari. Again. She doesn’t feel bad about any of it. The fact that you feel badly means there’s a chance we’ll work this stuff out.”

“I agree,” Sam said.

Jeraine nodded and into the kitchen to head up to the loft. They sat silently for a moment.

“I don’t know what else to say I …” M.J. said.

The gate alarm buzzed and M.J. went to the closet where the gate video feed was seen.

“I have to go,” M.J. said.

“This isn’t done until we make it right with Nelson,” Sam said.

“Yes, sir,” M.J. said. “I agree. Thank you for your patience with us.”

“We’ll make it right,” Honey said to Sam. “I give you my word.”

“Good,” Sam said.

Honey rolled to where M.J. was putting on his jacket.

“Who is it?” Honey asked.

“One of my dad’s old teammates,” M.J. said. “Major Joseph Walter.”

“Good,” Honey said.

M.J. leaned down to hug Honey. They kissed and he left the Castle. She watched him greet his father’s teammate and his superior officer. They set off into the night. Honey sighed.

“What do I do?” Honey asked as she wheeled back to Sam.

“We have to set the intention that this will work out,” Sam said. “If we give it time and energy, we’ll get there.”

Sam leaned down to kiss Honey’s cheek. She watched him say good night to the fairies in the kitchen and head up the stairs to Delphie’s apartment. Sighing to herself, she rolled back to her apartment. She filled her bathtub.

Only when she was in the warm water did she let go and wept.

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