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Chapter Five Hundred and twenty-six : Wings of change (part six)


(part six)

Friday afternoon — 2:35 p.m.

Denver, Colorado

Jill sat up on the side of the bed. She paused for a moment and moved across the bedroom toward the bathroom. Feeling Jacob’s eyes, she grinned at him before going inside.

Her mind reviewed how they’d gotten here.

Jacob had insisted on spending the afternoon today for a “date.” He told her about this great restaurant downtown. She’d been in the middle of some detail of the twins when she realized where they were.

Chuckling, Jacob had tucked her hand into his elbow, and they went into the five-star hotel in downtown Denver. She’d started toward the desk when Jacob held up a key card.

“This is where you went this morning?” Jill asked.

“One of the places,” Jacob said.

Suddenly nervous, Jill watched the elevator click through the floors. When she looked at her husband, he simply smiled at her. They got off the elevator at the top floor.

“But …” Jill started ask about their tight finances.

“This is one of the projects I helped finance before I met you,” Jacob said. “It took a while to get going and finally built, which is why it’s not an item on our finances. It was finally built last year. The hotel opened a month or so ago. One of the stipulations in the loan was that we would get free visits as often as we’d like until the building is paid off, which will be ten, twenty, years from now.”

“Downtown building projects?” Jill asked about a very large lump sum on their financial ledger.

“This is one of those projects,” Jacob said. “There was a gorgeous home on this land. 1800s timber baron. I bought the home and the land when I first moved here to Denver. That’s how I got connected here.”

“Where is the house now?” Jill asked.

“I moved it to a big lot in the Montclair,” Jacob said. “Sold it before … you know, the engagement party and everything.”

She gave him a sly smile.

“Shall we go in?” Jacob asked.

“One more thing,” Jill said.

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