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Chapter Five Hundred and twelve : Reweaving (part three)


(part three)

Deep in the Marlowe Mine

Altar of Life

After taking Sam and Delphie to the surface, Liban and Mari migrated to the vent in which the fourth fairy queen came from. Before them, Abi was talking to the four fairy queens.

Abi had been talking since before Sam had asked to go to the surface.

Abi had been talking since long after they’d returned from the surface.

In fact, Abi had been talking a long, long time.

As if it were some fascinating drama, Mari and Liban couldn’t take their eyes off the fairies and Abi.

Mari had never seen her mother sit still for so long. In fact, Mari had never seen her mother let anyone talk for this long. Not wanting to take her eyes off the strange sight, she quickly glanced at Liban.

“Do you speak ancient fairy?” Mari asked in a low voice as to not interrupt. Mari raised her eyebrows.

“Of course,” Liban said. “Don’t you?”

Mari nodded. They watched in silence for another long moment.

“Do you understand what’s being said?” Mari asked.

Liban gave Mari a searching look. After a moment, Liban shook her head. Catching the movement out of the corner of her eye, Mari turned to look at Liban.

“Not a word,” Liban said, slowly.

“Oh good,” Mari said. “Me, neither.”

They both laughed nervously. Falling silent, they kept watch on this strange sight.

“So …” Mari glanced at Liban again. “You think it’s a spell?”

Liban didn’t say anything for a moment. Mari looked at her.

“If that’s not a spell, I don’t know what is,” Liban said.

Mari grinned at Liban.

“Maybe not a spell, per se …” Mari said.

They watched for another long while in silence.

“No,” Liban said, turning her attention to Mari. “That’s a spell.”

“A weaving spell,” Mari said. “At least that’s what I thought.”

“A reweaving,” Liban said.

“Right,” Mari said. “That’s exactly right.”

Liban nodded. After a moment, Liban touched Mari’s arm.

“Shall we leave them to it?” Liban asked.

“What did you have in mind?” Mari asked.

Liban grinned. She took Mari’s arm and they left the Altar of Life, Abi, and the fairy queens.

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