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Chapter Five Hundred and twelve : Reweaving (part six)


(part six)

“Do not threaten him,” Perses ordered. “You won’t like what happens.”

Patrick looked from Perses to Ares. The God of War raised his eyebrows in a silent dare.

“I will promise that we will be on our best behavior,” Perses said.

He punched Ares hard in the shoulder. Ares jerked forward. Grinning, the God of War nodded.

Patrick bowed his head slightly. Perses and Ares went into the residence. As Patrick closed and locked the door, Perses and Ares went down a long hallway. The hallway was covered floor to ceiling with pictures of family members of the residence. Perses stopped short and pointed to one near the ceiling.

The face staring out was the spitting image of Ares. The God of War gave a slight nod.

“Cian was right,” Eoin Mac Kinney said, in a Belfast accent that matched Cian’s. “You do share his look.”

Ares whipped around to see the red haired man standing in front of him. The air crackled with intensity before the red haired man laughed.

“You’re intense like him, too,” Eoin said with a laugh. “You’re like to be some kind of a relative. Come, eat. Meet your family.”

Laughing, Eoin spun in place and walked down the hallway. Ares followed Eoin, but Patrick grabbed Perses’s arm.

“You will tell me about that sword,” Patrick ordered.

“I will,” Perses said with a nod. “Have you asked Paddie?”

“He won’t say what it is,” Patrick said. “Just that it’s his for the rest of his life and that of his children. A wooden sword? Why would that be?”

“Because of who he is,” Perses said with a shrug. “Ancestrally.”

Perses pressed passed Patrick. He turned back to the man.

“If it’s any consolation, he has a matching dagger now,” Perses said with a grin.

Rather than wait for Patrick to respond, Perses turned left to enter the dining room. He went immediately to Paddie’s mother. Paddie was sitting on his mother’s lap letting her fuss over him. Perses knelt to one knee.

“I apologize for causing you such concern,” Perses said.

“Oh Lord Perses,” Julie said with a sigh. She gave him a kind look. “I know that our lives are yours for the taking, but could you at least leave a note next time?”

“As you wish,” Perses said.

“Lord Perses,” Eoin laughed. “So, you’re a Titan, now? What’s that make you?”

Eoin took a bite of a warm buttered biscuit. He nodded to Ares.

“You’d like to be the God of War,” Eoin said with a laugh.

“And if I am?” Ares asked.

Still standing, Patrick’s brow furrowed.

“I’d like to know why you had so many children?” Eoin asked with a laugh. “I’ve got two bairn …” He gestured to two red headed girls sharing a seat next to him. “I can hardly keep up with them.”

Ares opened his mouth to respond, but Cian beat him to it.

“Many women,” Cian said. “The ladies care for the bairn while he’s out playing war.”

“Do tell us how you manage that!” Eoin said with a laugh. “One woman is more than enough for me.”

“Watch yourself, Eoin Mac Kinney,” said a redhaired young woman sitting near the end of the table. Her accent was distinctly American. “Don’t go getting any ideas.”

The two men looked at each other and laughed heartily. John brought a chair and squeezed it next to Katy and Perses sat down. Patrick sat at the head of the table.

“Do eat,” John said to Perses and Ares. “Thank you for bringing the children home in one piece.”

John nodded to Patrick. Rather than respond, Patrick filled his cup from the pitcher of coffee in front of him.

“Thank you,” Julie said. “Perses, Ares, Katy.”

Before they could respond, another woman came in carrying two young girls. They squeezed into the table a second before two adolescent boys arrived. The adolescent boys stopped short at Ares and Perses. Over the din of everyone talking and laughing, the boys introduced themselves in fluent Greek. They pushed the other children aside so that they could sit next to the God of War. After a moment, they were talking in Greek with Ares.

Over their heads, Ares caught Perses eye. Ares nodded that he understood, and Perses smiled.

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