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Chapter Five Hundred and twelve : Reweaving (part four)


(part four)

Wednesday morning — 5:15 a.m.

Denver, Colorado

“They’re already awake!” Paddie said.

Paddie pointed to the light that was on in the window of his room under the house eaves. He was perched in Ares’s arms. They were standing on the sidewalk outside of the house.

“How come we didn’t come back when we left?” Katy asked. She was sitting in her grandfather’s arms. “You said no one would know!”

“Good question,” Perses said. “Let’s try again.”

They were in Olympia for second before they returned to the sidewalk outside the house.

“Are there charms on the house?” Ares asked Perses.

“Of course there are charms on the house,” Perses said with a snort. “What do you think I’m doing here?”

“I meant no offense,” Ares said.

Perses muttered a few words and a blue puff of steam came off the house. Perses cursed.

“What matter of madness is that?” Ares asked.

“Blue fairy,” Perses said.

“The what?” Ares asked.

“She’s really blue,” Katy said. “I thought maybe she might be just kind of blue, but she’s about as blue as you could get.”

Katy nodded. Ares furrowed his brow.

“She’s obsessed with my Uncle John,” Paddie said. “Auntie Alex and Uncle Max too. Ob-sessed.”

“You think your Uncles or Aunt might be in the house?” Perses asked Paddie.

“I don’t know,” Paddie said. “Daddy’s in Africa. We talked to him last night before bed. Auntie Alex, too.”

Katy nodded but when Perses groaned. They turned to look at him.

“You said you wanted to meet them,” Perses said, under his breath.

Perses snapped his fingers and his comfortable Olympian clothing changed to jeans, a T-shirt, and a leather jacket. He nodded to Ares and the God of War was dressed in a similar outfit.

“Let me do the talking,” Perses said. He turned to Paddie, “Who are he?”

“He’s your friend from Olympia,” Paddie said with a blink of his big eyes.

“We don’t tell people about Olympia, Paddie,” Katy said in a low voice.

“Oh,” Paddie said quickly. “Then who are you?”

“He’s my friend,” Perses said. “You called me last night, and I picked you up. I didn’t want to wake Paddie’s mom, so you came with us.”

“They will believe this?” Ares asked.

“Not this one,” Perses said.

“Why not tell him the truth?” Ares asked.

Perses sighed and walked up the pathway. They were halfway down the path when Paddie said, “Wait!”

Perses stopped walking.

“It’s cold out,” Paddie said. “We’re in our bedclothes.”

Perses cursed again.

“Salty,” Ares said and raised his eyebrows.

Perses nodded to Paddie and then to Katy. They were dressed now in boots with thick socks, and thick hand knit sweaters.

“Anything else?” Perses asked.

Paddie shook his head. They made it the rest of the way to the door. Perses raised his hand to knock and the door flung open.

“You’ve got one hell of a nerve,” Patrick Hargreaves said from the doorway.

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