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Chapter Five Hundred and thirty-six : Oberwelp'd (part three)


(part three)

“He wants to do it on his own, but ‘on his own’ means Jake and Blane,” Sandy said. “Five years ago? Six? That would have been easy to do. But Jake and Blane have young families and other things to do. Blane’s Chinese Medicine practice has really exploded. He’s busy. Jake’s just getting his feet under him from everything that’s happened. They can’t drop everything to keep a business running five hundred miles away.”

They watched the men argue for a moment.

“I think Sam misses it,” Sandy said. “Wants things to be the way they were. Things just aren’t that way anymore.”

Nadia looked at Sandy and nodded.

“They love Sam so much that it just kills them to say ‘no’ to him,” Sandy said. She looked at Nadia. “Heavy talk for an afternoon. Sorry.”

Sandy shrugged.

“Truthfully, this kind of arguing is fun for them,” Sandy said. “It’s uncomfortable for me. I kind of panic when the voices get loud, but it’s the way they communicate.”

“They?” Nadia asked.

“At least Sam, Jake, and Blane,” Sandy said. “Aden says it’s uncomfortable for him, but you’ll notice that he’s not backing down.”

Nadia nodded.

“Give them a minute and they’ll be laughing again,” Sandy said.

Blane said something and Sam laughed. The men laughed.

“I understand this,” Nadia said. “My dad was eighty when my mom took over. He’d show up every once and a while and expect everything to be exactly like it was when he was there. Things change. It’s painful for everyone because you don’t want the person — my Dad, Sam — to feel old or useless, they just don’t fit in their old role. Sam has to find a new role for himself.”

“That’s a good way to think about it,” Sandy said.

“Who’s that guy?” Charlie asked as he walked out of the hotel.

Nadia’s business manager, Ian, hugged Nelson tight. When they separated, Ian put his arm around Nelson’s shoulders and kissed Nelson’s cheek.

“Whoa,” Charlie said. “You think they’re going to …”

Charlie looked at Sandy and then noticed Nadia. Charlie blushed.

“If you’re asking if Ian and Nelson are going to ‘get it on’ tonight,” Nadia said. “I sincerely doubt it, but you could ask them. You interested in joining them?”

“Me?” Charlie asked. Shaking his head, he added, “No.”

“Then why do you care?” Nadia asked.

“Hey, I didn’t mean anything,” Charlie said. “I just know that gay guys …”

“Not all gay men are sexually promiscuous. Not all gay men have a sexual addiction,” Nadia said. “Not Nelson, for sure. He’s very prim. When Ian was younger, he was pretty … busy. I mean, look at the man. But now, he and his husband are about to have their second child. I doubt he’d risk it.”

“I didn’t realize that Ian was married,” Sandy said.

“As soon as it was legal,” Nadia said. “They’d already adopted their daughter, Madison, from the Ukraine — you know, where Ian and my mother are from. Jeff, that’s Ian’s husband, is here with their daughter, Madison. Have you met them?”

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