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Chapter Five Hundred and thirty-six : Oberwelp'd (part four)


(part four)

“I didn’t realize that Ian was married,” Sandy said.

“As soon as it was legal,” Nadia said. “They’d already adopted their daughter, Madison, from the Ukraine — you know, where Ian and my mother are from. Jeff, that’s Ian’s husband, is here with their daughter, Madison. Have you met them?”

Sandy and Charlie shook their heads.

“They’re probably resting,” Nadia said. “I’ll ask Ian. Jeff works in films. He wanted to meet Valerie to ask her if she’d work on his film.”

Nadia wiggled her eyebrows.

“Exciting,” Nadia said. “Do you think Blane would want to take on Nelson, Ian, Jeff?”

“Not at all,” Charlie said. “That’s not what I was saying …”

He blushed.

“Little homophobia coming out?” Nadia asked.

“Probably,” Charlie said. “Sorry.”

“Judgments,” Nadia said. “We were just talking about it. We all have them.”

“They catch us off guard,” Sandy said. “Blane hasn’t been with anyone since Enrique. So I don’t think any of us know what’s going to happen — with Blane and Nelson or Heather and Tres.”

Sandy nodded.

“It’s all new,” Sandy said. “Everything is new, for all of us.”

“I’m really sorry,” Charlie said to Nadia. “I didn’t mean to be prejudice. I don’t have any problem with … well, anyone. When I was on the street, I had all kinds of friends. The gay kids stayed with us for protection. Tink would find the girls in bad situations. We don’t have a problem with how or who people love.”

Nadia smiled to him.

“It’s not you,” Nadia said. “It’s easier to point out your edges than have to deal with my own.”

Nadia shrugged.

“That’s the truth of it,” Nadia said. “Can you tell Nash that I went to take a nap?”

“Are you going to take a nap?” Sandy asked.

“No, I just …” Nadia said. “I was going to go for a swim but …”

Nadia gestured to the pool. Nash’s admirers were hanging out in the deep end. One thing was for sure — the girls did not like Nadia.

“Charlie, why don’t you show Nadia the spa?” Sandy asked. She nodded to Nadia. “Sam bought out the spa for the week. As long as they have time, we can use it. I happen to know that they are free. Jill was scheduled in a couple of minutes but she is … well, oberwhelp’d herself. Go. Get a massage. If you want to, you can tip them.”

Nadia opened her mouth to protest, and then she shook her head at herself.

“Lead on,” Nadia said to Charlie.

Charlie held out his elbow. Nadia hooked her hand and they went to the spa room. Sandy looked down at Rachel Ann. The child was sound asleep. Smiling at her little girl, she set Rachel Ann on her chaise lounge and sat down next to her. Jacob walked by.

“How’s the war?” Sandy asked.

“About the same,” Jacob said with a laugh. “Dad always gets what he wants. It’s hard for us to remember — but that’s the truth. The crazy thing is that he’s always right.”

Jacob shrugged.

“We just have to figure out how to match his idea with something livable for us,” Jacob said.

Sandy nodded.

“We’ll get there,” Jacob said. “Do you happen to know where Jill is?”

“She went to your room,” Sandy said.

Jacob nodded and took a step toward the hotel.

“Jake?” Sandy asked.

Jacob turned to look at her.

“She’s not in a great place,” Sandy said.

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