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Chapter Five Hundred and thirty-one : About your father (part three)


(part three)

“I gave a sword to Enrique,” Nelson said.

“That’s where that came from,” Blane said with a slow shake of his head. “What did he do to deserve such a gift?”

“He paid me,” Nelson said. “I needed the money. It’s not a very good sword. It’s not sharp nor will it hold a sharp edge. It’s just a standard broad sword. He wanted it for the Gay Renaissance Fair or something like that.”

“I remember,” Blane said.

“I don’t know if he still has it,” Nelson said.

“He doesn’t,” Blane said. He looked at Nelson. “Jake took it. It’s at the Castle. You are welcome to it.”

“Really?” Nelson asked. “Technically, I’m not supposed to make weapons for ‘fun.’ I just needed the cash.”

“You are welcome to it,” Blane said.

“How did Jake get it?” Nelson asked.

“Jake went to talk to Enrique about getting my stuff back,” Blane said. “I’m not exactly sure what went down, but Jake came home with the sword.”

“And not your stuff?” Nelson asked.

“Nope,” Blane said. “Enrique had a party and burned it all.”

“Everything?” Nelson asked.

“Everything,” Blane said. “But get this — Enrique is still pissed about Jake taking the sword.”

“Still pissed?” Nelson asked. “You’ve seen him?”

“He has this idea that I can’t live without him,” Blane said. “He came to the hospital when I was in isolation for a month. That’s the last time I saw him.”

Nelson scowled at Blane.

“I had he removed by security,” Blane said. He snorted a laugh. “That was the final straw. That is until he wants something else.”

“Wants? From you?” Nelson asked.

Blane nodded.

“What did he want the last time?” Nelson asked.

“He’s infected,” Blane said. “He wants to do the procedure I went through.”

Blane glanced at Nelson. He watched the muscle in Nelson’s jaw work.

“Are you jealous?” Blane asked with a laugh.

“Angry,” Nelson said. “He is such an asshole. How could you …?”

“Good question. But not one that’s really relevant.” Blane cut Nelson off. “He’s my past. Jake, Delphie, Heather, our children, and maybe even you are my present.”

Nelson scowled but nodded.

“You were telling me about Pierre,” Blane said. “Your family are weapons makers.”

Nelson glanced at Blane before continuing.

“Pierre will tell you that he is a weapons maker now,” Nelson said. “His father, my grandfather, worked on nuclear weapons. His father told him that he needed to work on modern weapons. It was his duty to keep the family current. So that’s what he does for a living.”

“Your grandfather is gone?” Blane asked.

“Yes,” Nelson said. “Cancer from the radiation. My father’s mother is gone as well. He has three sisters. One of them is a blacksmith.”

“Can women be involved in this Templar thing?” Blane asked.

“Sort of,” Nelson said. “I mean, I don’t really know because I’ve been hidden away from all of it, but according to Dad, girls have a role to play.”

“Breeding sons?” Blane asked.

Nelson laughed and nodded.

“I haven’t met my aunt, you know, the blacksmith,” Nelson said. “But according to Dad, she’s pretty tough. My guess is that she’s involved in the order.”

“The order?” Blane asked.

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