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Chapter Five Hundred and thirty-nine : Step forward? (part five)


(part five)

Monday early morning — 3:34 a.m.

Kayenta, Arizona, at the hotel on the Navajo Reservation


Nelson jerked up to sitting on the Queen sized bed. His hand automatically went to where Blane had been when Nelson had fallen asleep. He glanced at the adjoining door.

The adjoining door was firmly closed and the lock turned.

He noticed that he was naked. He started to fall back to the bed.

“Don’t.” A woman’s accented voice — English? Irish? — came from the middle of the room.

Fully awake, he sat up and turned on the lamp on the bedside table. Standing in front of him was a woman. No, an elf. He blinked in the dim light.

She was a fairy warrior.

She wore a suit of modern military armor. She had a thick sword in a scabbard on her belt. Unlike any fairy he’d ever seen, she also had a handgun in her waist band. The top of a compound bow stuck out an inch above her head.

Her hair was long, curly, and vibrant red. Her hair was held in place by a thin, but not insignificant, precious jewel encrusted tiara. Her eyes were larger than normal, auburn in color, with fairy long lashes. Her face was easy to look at — beautiful, in a kind of precious or rare way. Her mouth set in a strong line.

He squinted. He had met her before but …

She pulled a sword from its scabbard. His eyes focused on the sword. The blade was unevenly shaped. One side of the blade was thin like a Japanese sword fighting sword and designed to be razor sharp. The other side of the blade was brutishly thick like a broad sword or a falchion. Blunter, this side of the blade was for hacking. It could easily take off a limb in one blow and a head in two. The blade came together in an uneven foible that ended in a viciously sharp point.

“Where’d you get that?” Nelson asked.

“I took the head of the human who possessed it,” the fairy said.

Princess? Fairy princess? Fairy warrior princess? Was there such a thing as a fairy warrior princess?

“Okay,” Nelson said. “It hasn’t been sharpened in …”

The fairy warrior princess looked at the blade.

“I keep it sharp with magic,” the fairy warrior princess said.

“You must be very strong,” Nelson said.

The fairy warrior princess grunted.

“The edge will never hold,” Nelson said. “You need it properly sharpened. How long has it been?”

“Few thousand human years,” the fairy warrior princess said. “It still works pretty well.”

“Not really,” Nelson said. “It wasn’t designed to hold magic so the magic will start to dissipate almost as soon as the spell is cast.”

“How could you possibly know that?” the fairy warrior princess said.

“See the notch on the pommel?” Nelson asked.

The fairy warrior princess blinked at him.

“The nob on the end of the handle?” Nelson said.

The fairy warrior princess looked for the notch at the end of the pommel. She nodded when she found it.

“It matches a notch on the guard,” Nelson said.

She looked on the piece of metal that separated the handle from the blade.

“Looks like a scratch,” the fairy warrior princess said. “The sword has had quite a lot of use.”

“Odd that the two random scratches line up,” Nelson said.

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