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Chapter Five Hundred and thirty-five : At the pool (part six)


(part six)

“No. Did I say she called me?” Jeraine asked with as shake of his head. “Sorry. She didn’t call me. One of the Sheriff’s called Miss T. He’s someone Miss T knows from some of the nonsense you guys have been through. I called La Tonya after I found out. The Sheriff answered because, you know, they were taking her phone and …”

Jeraine shook his head.

“No, she doesn’t need me,” Jeraine said. “She does need a place to live until she can sort this stuff out.”

“She had no idea?” Heather asked.

“Not a clue,” Jeraine said. He shook his head. “No one did. I guess it some kind of international banking thing. They swooped in out of nowhere to make sure he didn’t destroy anything.”

He took a breath and let it out.

“You okay to let her use our beds and stuff?” Jeraine asked.

“Of course,” Heather said. “Whatever she needs.”

“She doesn’t even have any clothes!” Jeraine said, his voice rising. “She … When I talked to her, she was just sobbing. I’ve …”

Jeraine looked up at Heather and shook his head.

“Never seen her cry,” Jeraine said. “She was always been …just … perfect.”

Jeraine shrugged.

“I wondered if …” Jeraine said. “Um …”

“You want me to see if I can help?” Heather asked.

“I’m afraid she’ll kill herself,” Jeraine said. “She’s been depressed. This pregnancy has been really hard. Mom’s been with her almost every day.”

“Sure,” Heather said. “But you should know that I’ve never liked her husband. I’m not going to ‘fix’ that marriage.”

Jeraine gave her a nod.

“Help my sister and it will make up for you never helping me,” Jeraine said, in an attempted joke.

“Why do you think I haven’t helped you?” Heather asked.

For the first time in this conversation, Jeraine looked Heather in the face.

“I just figured that …” Jeraine started.

“Tanesha asked me not to ‘fix it’ — your marriage, you, that is,” Heather said. “When you left and all of that. She said that you needed to grow on your own. She would never trust it if you didn’t do that work yourself. So you’re right, I didn’t fix it.”

“But you helped me?” Jeraine asked.

“You’re alive,” Heather said. “Every wonder how that’s possible?”

Jeraine threw his arms around Heather. She hugged him while he cried for his sister and then for himself. Heather held onto him until he was more stable.

“The guys are back,” Heather said softly.

Jeraine pulled back from hugging her. They heard the noise and general chaos created by the Lipson Construction team returning for lunch.

“I should tell Blane,” Heather said. “But I’m sure he’ll be as concerned about her as I am.”

“I’ll go tell Miss T,” Jeraine said.

“If you need to go back …” Heather said.

“Thanks,” Jeraine said.

With that, he turned on his heel and walked out of the room. Heather watched his back for a moment. She shook her head and returned to finish setting up lunch.

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