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Chapter Five Hundred and ten : The fourth fairy queen (part two)


(part two)

“Why did I need their help?” Jacob asked.

“You were cooked through and through,” Hedone said in a light voice. “You even dried out the water in your eyes!”

Jacob saw more light every time she unwound the fabric from his face.

“Fairies,” Jacob said.

“They do ask a lot of their friends,” Hedone said.

Jacob tried to sit up but was held in place by a force he couldn’t identify.

“You must rest,” Hedone said.

“But the fairy queens! The war!” Jacob said.

“Yes,” Hedone said. “That is no longer your concern.”

“It’s all of our concerns!” Jacob said. “They will destroy the world.”

“They might have,” Hedone said. “Certainly. Lie back. You’re not well.”

Jacob lay back onto the comfortable bed.

“What’s changed?” Jacob asked.

“Why, you saved the fourth queen, of course,” Hedone said.

Jacob didn’t say anything for a moment. As the light brightened, he began to feel searing pain in his eyes. He grimaced but said nothing.

“The cherubim tell me that you’re feeling pain from the light,” Hedone said.

“Yes,” Jacob managed.

“You aren’t ready to have this removed,” Hedone said.

Jacob thought that he heard a sound of something. He blinked and he was in darkness again.

“You need more rest,” Hedone said.

“Wait,” Jacob grabbed Hedone’s hand. “Tell me.”

“I will tell you anything if you will rest,” Hedone said.

“I promise,” Jacob said.

“What can I help with?” Hedone asked.

“The queens — they won’t destroy their sister?” Jacob asked.

“They cannot,” Hedone said. “She is more powerful than the three of them combined, more sure of her own mind.”

“She’s just a child,” Jacob said as sleep began to catch up with him.

“She is more than she looks,” Hedone said.

Jacob grunted.

“It wasn’t just Fand that was missing her balance,” Hedone said. “The four of them needed their sister.”

“But …” Jacob fought against sleep and tried to sit up again. “They need our help.”

“They have the help they need,” Hedone said. “You made sure of that.”

Jacob drifted off to sleep on his bed of puffy clouds.

“Sleep, dear Jacob,” Hedone said. “You’ve saved the world again.”

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