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Chapter Five Hundred and ten : The fourth fairy queen (part one)


(part one)

In between sleep and awake, Jacob floated in a cool stream of water. He was finally free of the heat that had seemed to enter his very soul. His breath deepened and he fell into a deep dreamless sleep. He was so tired that this kind of deep sleep was the only solution to help him feel better.

He breathed.

He floated in the stream.

He slept.

Time passed unnoticed. Day shifted to night and night shifted to day. All that mattered was his breath, the cool stream, and this healing sleep.

And then, for no rhyme or reason, he was awake. Not quite conscious, he tried to sit up.

“Carefully,” a familiar female voice near him said.

“He’ll drown!” a hard male voice said. “Put him back to sleep. Now.”

Deep sleep returned.

He breathed.

He slept.

He wasn’t floating any longer. Instead, he was lying on the most comfortable bed. He felt his body now — strong and able. He felt no pain or stiffness. Even the old injury in his shoulder was pain-free. On this bed of clouds, he felt whole.

Time passed.

He felt a small cool hand on his chest. He was instantly and completely awake.

“Slowly,” the familiar female voice said.

“I can’t see,” Jacob said.

“You are blind folded,” the familiar female voice said. “I’ll take it off if you promise me that you’ll just open your eyes. Don’t move.”

“I promise,” Jacob said.

A heavy cloth was unwound from his eyes. He felt the texture of the cloth as somewhere between heavy linen and sticky cobwebs.

“Where am I?” Jacob asked.

“You are in Olympia,” the familiar female voice said.

“Hedone,” Jacob whispered.

“It’s a great honor to be here for human, especially an adult,” Hedone said, her voice light with laughter. “You are the guest of my grandfather Ares at the request of Lord Perses. You’re being attended by the cherubim. You won’t be able to see them or hear them. Just know that they’ve been attending you. They are here now.”

“Thank you, cherubim,” Jacob said.

“They actually like you quite a bit,” Hedone said. “They were glad to have a chance to help.”

“Why did I need their help?” Jacob asked.

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