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Chapter Five Hundred and sixty-two : Six types of love (part two)


(part two)

“Heather and her grandmother came to talk to us about the six types of love,” Noelle said. “You know, like the Greeks defined.”

“Oh yeah?” Mike asked breathing over the hot chocolate. “That must have been weird. Was Aphrodite wearing her usual low cut, sexy evening wear?”

“Weird is a word for it,” Noelle said. “Heather must have gotten her grandmother to adjust her look. She looked gorgeous, of course, but in a normal kind of way. Heather told us to call her ‘Agnes.’ She said that ‘Agnes’ had multiple Ph.Ds. Nash looked it up later and she does have a bunch of degrees. She’s kind of famous in Ancient Greek scholarship.”

“I bet,” Mike said. “Nice to know everything before you take the test.”

Noelle laughed.

“She told us this thing about how women make people and men make monuments,” Noelle said. “I’m not saying it right. Our class was blown away.”

“Sounds about right,” Mike said.

“Uh huh,” Noelle said.

She turned and gave him the containers for paint thinner. He took the jars and went to fill them. She put water in the water containers and started setting them out. Mike was screwing the caps on the paint thinner jars.

“I was thinking of you,” Noelle said. “You know, when Heather and her grandmother were talking about the six types of love.”

“Oh?” Mike asked.

If anyone else had said that to him, Mike would assume it was something sexy or flattering. But he knew Noelle well enough by now to know that there was nothing obvious about what she had to say. Better to be open than to assume he knew what she was talking about and get confused.

“They mentioned a type of love that reminded me of you,” Noelle said.

“Me?” Mike said with a snort. “Something about love reminded you of me?”

“Yes,” Noelle said. She looked at him. “There’s a kind of love that’s called ‘Agape.’ That’s love of everyone. Heather said that the Buddhist talk about it as ‘loving-kindness.’ It’s a kind of universal love.”

“And that reminded you of me?” Mike laughed.

Then he remembered who he was talking to. He turned to look at her.

“Sorry,” Mike said. “Did I offend you?”

“No,” Noelle said. “I know that you pretend not to like anyone.”

“I hate everyone. Equally,” Mike said.

“How is that different from loving everyone equally?” Noelle asked.

She nodded and turned back to the sink. He scowled at her back. She turned off the tap and turned around.

“What are we working on today?” Noelle asked.

“Hating everyone?” Mike asked.

She gave him a patient smile. He sighed.

“Come on,” Mike said. “Let’s get to work.”

He went back into the garage studio and Noelle followed him.

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