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Chapter Five Hundred and sixty-two : Six types of love (part three)


(part three)

Thursday afternoon — 3:44 p.m.

Colin Hargreaves touched Nash’s shoulder and nodded toward the basement stairs.

“When you’re ready,” Colin said.

Nash nodded. He watched Colin open the basement door.

“Coming?” Teddy asked.

Nash nodded. Teddy followed Colin down the stairs.

Colin Hargreaves was Nash’s martial arts teacher, his Sensei. One thing Colin hated was people who showed up for practice and weren’t read to be there. Colin would rather Nash didn’t attend class than show up distracted and unable to be present.

“That’s how people get hurt,” Colin said at least a thousand times.

Nash looked at the door where Colin had disappeared. He would rather be in class than staring face to face with his own problems. Nash opened the back door to the house and went out into garden. They had turned this entire yard into a small farm. He and Teddy had helped turn compost into this soul to get it ready for winter. The yard next door — where the lawyer Samantha Hargreaves lived in the bottom and basement, while Colin and his family lived on the top floors — was filled with a forest of winter dormant fruit trees and three evergreen trees.

Nash instinctive wandered toward the trees. A set of three evergreen trees sat nearest the back of the house. Christmas lights were still strung among the boughs. He just wanted …

He wasn’t sure what he wanted.

He just knew that he had to get his head right before he could attend practice.

Today, the Goddess Aphrodite and her granddaughter Hedone had come to their classroom to talk about the six types of love. When they’d finished the six types of love, Heather had talked about two others – Mania and Storge. Heather had looked right at him and talked about “Mania ” — a type of obsessive love.

Nash took out his blackened, smelly phone.

“Nash?” a woman’s voice came from the house.

Nash turned to see Samantha Hargreaves holding her infant Sasha.

“Oh hey,” Nash said. “Sorry, I was just …”

“You okay?” Samantha asked.

Nash just looked at Samantha.

“Sasha saw you out here,” Samantha looked down at the infant girl. “She wants to know if you’re okay.”

Nash looked at the infant. She was grinning at him and holding her arms out for Nash. Unable to ever resist a baby, Nash went to the baby. He took her out of Samantha’s arms and held the child tight. Sasha laughed one of her spectacular laughs. Her laugh always made him feel better.

“Come in,” Samantha said. “We were just having our tea. Would you like something?”

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