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Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty-three : Storge - familial love (part two)


(part two)

Tres turned around. He went up the stairs to the living room area.

“I have that TV,” Tres said.

“Listen, you and Blane …” Nelson said. “You were going to tell me. I … uh … I’ve worried about you, you know. You’re the youngest of all of us, the most free. Hetero. How are you going to handle me and Blane and …”

Tres turned to look at Nelson. Nelson’s face was red. His body language was tense.

“What are you asking?” Tres asked.

“What are you to Blane?” Nelson asked.

“Oh,” Tres said. “I don’t know. I’ve never asked. I can tell you what he is to me. Would that help?”

Swallowing hard, Nelson nodded.

“I was fourteen or fifteen when Enrique started dating Blane,” Tres said.

“Oh, that’s right,” Nelson said, visibly relieved. “Enrique is your brother.”

Tres nodded.

“I was sixteen when Enrique moved in with Blane,” Tres said.

“That was Blane’s house?” Nelson asked.

“The condo?” Tres asked. “Celia bought it for him so that he would always have a place to live.”

“Enrique kicked him out,” Nelson said.

“Enrique and his mob kicked him out,” Tres said. “It took Jacob about a year to get Enrique out of it.”

Nelson nodded. Tres was silent for a moment. He wasn’t a man who shared much. He’d hoped what he’d said was enough.

“You and Blane?” Nelson asked.

“My parents were really elderly when I was born,” Tres said. “So old that I’ve wondered if I was the child of one of my elder sisters.”

“And?” Nelson asked.

“I’m told it’s not true,” Tres said with a shrug. “Most of my older siblings were married with their own children when I was born. Enrique was at home. I …”

Tres sighed.

“There just wasn’t much for a young child in that house,” Tres said. “I shared a room with my great-grandmother until she died. After she died, I could go weeks without anyone saying even a word to me. I had a roof. I had food. But human interaction?”

Tres shook his head.

“Then Enrique met Blane,” Tres said. “Blane has this way of reaching into the dark and …”

Tres looked at Nelson to see that Nelson was nodding.

“Anyway, Enrique’s ‘friend’ became my surrogate brother,” Tres said. “He’d make me lunches for the week. When he realized I was bored in school, he helped me figure out a way to graduate early. I was two years into college at Metro when my father asked me if I was ever going to graduate from high school.”

Tres shook his head.

“But Blane was there the whole time,” Tres said. “Enrique, too, but it was really Blane. After the whole Enrique thing, I thought I’d lost Blane forever. I came to the Castle — there weren’t gates then — and begged them to let me see Blane.”

Tres shrugged. Tears came to his eyes.

“Sorry, I always get a little bleary when I think of this,” Tres said.

Nelson gave Tres an empathetic nod.

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