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Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty-six : "The plan" (part six)


(part six)

“I don’t have time to be good enough for her!” Nash said. “And now I’m addicted! Game over! I may as well just kill myself!”

Nash angrily shook his head.

“I had a plan!” Nash said, his voice filled with rage. “It was going to work! I was going to be … and now …”

“Alex told me to tell you that she picked me because of me,” John said. “She didn’t know about the plan. When she found out, my plan became our plan. Our plan was so much better, smarter, and more practical. Alex was making a salary so we were able to purchase a home. From there, together, we grew safety and security, and eventually financial freedom, or relative financial freedom.”

“You believe that she picked you for you?” Nash asked.

“Not really, but it is what she says,” John grinned at Nash. “My guess is that Nadia feels the same way. I know that it’s different for the two of you because of your ages and the distance, but …”

John scowled and looked at Nash.

“Not much,” John said. “We had a lot of obstacles that you wouldn’t understand. Lots. They might have been bigger than yours or smaller than yours or easier or harder. We also had our plan.”

John looked at the boy and Nash nodded.

“One thing I think …” John said.

John pressed his key fob and his car unlocked. Nash got in the passenger seat.

“One thing I think,” John repeated as he turned on the vehicle. “Love is … magic. Plain and simple. I don’t know about past lives. I’ve had dreams about Alex and I in different situations and different times. She has too. Maybe we’ve loved many lifetimes or maybe this is it. What I know is that it’s sheer magic.”

John started driving down the street.

“Everything I wanted happened because I knew Alex,” John said. “Things I didn’t even know I wanted happened because Alex loved me.”

“What do you mean?” Nash asked.

“If you’d asked me when I was twenty years old if I would want my life partner, my beloved, to have a work partner who was smoking hot, smart, intelligent, and someone she loves deeply,” John shook his head. “I’d say that was crazy. But you know Raz? He’s amazing. He’s been such a great friend to me and to Alex. A real brother when I had none. More than that, he loved Alex so much that he found her and saved her life.”

John nodded to Nash.

“Love has a wisdom of its own,” John said. “I’m not going to tell you to trust it because you’re never going to do that. People like us don’t trust anyone or anything. We know life is not a romance novel. What I’m saying is that this thing has happened to you.”

“Sandy being injured?” Nash asked.

“Being in love,” John said. “You may as well settle in and see where it takes you. You can always get out if you need to. But you should stop torturing yourself to try to make it happen. It’s happening.”

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