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Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty-seven : That thing we call love (part four)


(part four)

They found their seats and sat down. Seth came in and took his place. Maresol brought a covered casserole. For a moment, they were silent as Maresol said her prayers.

“There is so a Team Blane,” Noelle said.

“Is not,” Nash said.

“So,” Noelle said.

“Enough!” Maresol said. “This is dinner. We don’t fight at our meals. We use them for enjoying each other’s company and learning about our days.”

Appropriately embarrassed, everyone fell silent. They began to fill their plates with the amazing smelling food.

“Team Blane?” Seth asked when everything was quiet.

Everyone started to laugh.

“No,” Maresol said. She pointed at Seth. “We are not starting this again.”

“Starting what?” Aden asked at the door to the dining room.

“Nash, make a place for your father,” Maresol said. She turned to Aden. “I wasn’t sure if you were eating with us.”

“She’s asleep,” Aden said.

“What’s asleep?” Charlie asked.

“Sandy,” Aden said.

The teens turned to gawk at him.

“She’s in their hospital room,” Aden said. “You didn’t know?”

Aden looked at Maresol , Ava, and then Seth.

“We figured you could use some private time,” Seth said.

“Mom is here?” Noelle asked, standing up.

“Sit,” Aden said. “Eat. Sandy is asleep.”

“How did she end up here?” Charlie asked.

“Where were we?”

“It’s something John Drayson worked out,” Aden said. He was passed the enchiladas “She arrived while you were in school. John didn’t tell you, Nash?”

“No,” Nash said.

“We had no idea!” Noelle said.

“I came with her,” Aden said.

“She’s resting now,” Seth said.

“It’s unlikely that she’ll wake today,” Aden said. “Moving from the hospital took everything out of her. Was Blane here?”

“They just left,” Seth said.

“He’s coming back here after dinner,” Aden said. “He’s going give Sandy a treatment. Jill’s brother Steve is coming over after that to get her settled for the night.”

Everyone fell silent. For a few minutes, the only sound was of them eating.

“So when can we see her?” Noelle’s voice broke the tension.

Everyone laughed.

“Tomorrow,” Aden said.

Noelle cheered.

“What about Rachel Ann?” Nash asked.

“She’ll be here tomorrow,” Aden said. “She’s having a sleep over with Katy and didn’t want to miss it.”

“She blew off being with us for Katy?” Noelle asked.

“You would have,” Nash said.

“Yea, but … ” Noelle said with a grin.

Everyone laughed.

“Today was my day volunteering at the Museum of Nature and Science,” Bernie said. “I am helping to clean some of the bones from the Snow Mass site. And I can tell you. Those Mammoths? They were really… mammoth.”

Everyone laughed at his well-timed joke, and their usual, weird dinner atmosphere returned.

Denver Cereal continues tomorrow…

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