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Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty-seven : That thing we call love (part five)


(part five)

Friday evening — 7:36 p.m.

“I swear I will never get this,” Valerie said under her breath to Jill.

Valerie held up a tangle of yarn and knitting needles. Jill nodded in agreement.

“Now, Valerie,” Jill’s mother, Anjelika, said. “Human beings have been knitting since the beginning. You will surely learn.”

Valerie rolled her eyes to Jill, and Jill grinned. Anjelika looked at Jill. Her smile dropped immediately.

“You’re doing better,” Anjelika said.

Jill smiled at her mother.

“That’s the piece Delphie knitted, right?” Valerie whispered to Jill.

Jill nodded, and the women laughed. They had had an early dinner and were upstairs in Jill’s loft having a “girl’s night.” Delphie was making an effort to teach Katy, Jackie, Maggie, and Rachel Ann how to knit. Of course, the little kids were making pot holders on little plastic looms. Oddly, Rachel Ann picked up knitting right away.

Delphie came over to look at what Valerie had done. She scowled at Valerie.

“You used to be able to knit,” Delphie said.

“When,” Valerie said.

“Pre-Mike,” Delphie said. “You knitted me a scarf.”

“I did?” Valerie looked off into space for a moment. “Huh. I’d forgotten that.”

“You don’t apply yourself,” Delphie said. “Why don’t you try a bit?”

Valerie gave Delphie a patient smile, and Delphie grinned. Delphie turned looked at Jill’s work. The Oracle shook her head.

“Is there a craft that you enjoy?” Delphie asked.

“I’m hopeless?” Jill asked.

“Child of the Titan God of Destruction,” Delphie shrugged. “It’s not hard to see why creating things might require that you take some extra effort.”

“I make great kids,” Jill said with a nod to Katy.

Katy had been working with Delphie almost since she moved into the Castle. Katy was working on a shawl made out of blue alpaca wool she’d bought at a yarn festival.

Delphie gave Jill a long look.

“You’re trying not to say that it’s because of Celia,” Jill said.

“I would never discount you that way,” Delphie said with a grin.

Having listened to the entire exchange, Valerie burst out laughing. Jill grinned.

“Get to work,” Jill said to Valerie.

“You know what else you make well …” Delphie said.

“Brownies?” Jill asked.

“If you insist,” Delphie said with a grin.

Laughing, Jill got up. She went to see how Maggie and Jackie were doing. They both showed her the beginnings of lovely potholders. In spite of her young age, Rachel Ann was knitting with some fat needles and thick grey yarn. She held hers up for Jill to see.

“I’m making a blanket for my Mama,” Rachel Ann said in her soft, sweet voice. The child’s eyes welled with tears. “She’s very sick.”

“I bet this will help her get well,” Jill said.

Rachel Ann gave a quick nod of her head. Jill touched the child’s face and she smiled.

“I get to see her tomorrow,” Rachel Ann said. “My brothers and sister, too. But not Sissy.”

“Sissy is in France,” Jill said.

“I talked to Sissy tonight,” Rachel Ann said with a nod. “On the computer.”

“How fun,” Jill said. “I talk to my brother when he travels on the computer.”

Rachel Ann gave Jill a bright nod and returned to her work. Jill checked in with Katy, who thoroughly enjoying being the expert.

Just another wonderful night at the Castle.

Jill grinned at her daughter and went to make brownies.

Denver Cereal continues tomorrow…

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