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Chapter Five Hundred and sixty-one : Past meets present (part two)


(part two)

“What’s it to you?” Jacob asked.

“I mean, I knew your boys had … skills,” Nelson said. “I guess I thought it was being the grandchild of a powerful Titan. But you … What are you?”

“Pissed off,” Jacob said. “What’s your problem?”

“My problem?” Nelson asked. He jumped to his feet and looked at Jacob. “Wait, what are we talking about?”

“You clearly have some problem with Blane’s past,” Jacob said with a snort.

“Oh, that’s why you …” Nelson point to where the energetic wall had been. “Do you know how rare that skill is?”

Jacob gave Nelson an irritated shake of his head and snatched Buster’s leash.

“Go home,” Jacob said.

“Wait,” Nelson said. “Now, just a minute.”

Jacob turned to look at Nelson.

“I don’t have any problem with Blane or his past,” Nelson said. “Not one. So don’t make up some bullshit.”

“Why did you ask about Blane and high school?” Jacob asked.

“I didn’t know,” Nelson said.

“You said, ‘You mean this crap about him being a prostitute was when he was a kid?’” Jacob said.

“I was surprised,” Nelson said. “Enrique made such a big deal out of it, like it had just happened yesterday.”

“What’s up with that?” Jacob sneered.

“With what?” Nelson asked.

“You being friends with Enrique,” Jacob said. “Repeating anything the asshole said.”

“I was friends with Enrique because I feel in love with his partner,” Nelson said.

“Oh,” Jacob said mildly.

“It’s supposed to be something with my family line — my mother’s and my father’s,” Nelson said. “We fall for people immediately and completely. There’s nothing that can change it. It’s why my ancestors became crusaders — to keep from acting out their love for someone unattainable or to get away from the angry husband or king after being caught.”

“Did Enrique know?” Jacob asked.

“What do you think?” Nelson asked. “He thought it was hilarious. Tried to get me into a threesome without Blane knowing.”

Saying nothing, Jacob started running again. Nelson ran beside him.

“We’ll never catch him,” Nelson said.

“He and Mack run a loop down to the arches and back up to the Martin Luther King statue,” Jacob said. “If we’re not there, he’ll come up to the Thatcher Fountain.”

“Oh,” Nelson said. “He didn’t go on without us.”

“He did go on without us,” Jacob said with a laugh. They stopped at the light. “He does that when he gets emotional. It’s a primal response. But he’s learned to come back. He used to only do that with me, but it’s Heather and his children that really cemented it in him.”

“How do you know?” Nelson said. “He might not want to be here because of what I said.”

“No,” Jacob said. “If he was upset by something you said, he might run away. But he’ll always come back. Well, always now.”

Jacob pointed as they crossed the street. Blane and Mack appeared beside the Thatcher Fountain.

“He’s right there,” Jacob said.

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