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Chapter Five Hundred and sixty-one : Past meets present (part three)


(part three)

“He’s right there,” Jacob said.

“That’s fast,” Nelson said.

“He’s really fast now,” Jacob said. “We’ve had to modify the stroller.”

“Now?” Nelson asked.

“Since he’s been working with Abi,” Jacob said.

“He’s been working with Abi?” Nelson asked.

Shaking his head, Jacob continued running to where Blane and Mack were standing. Looking windblown, Mack was laughing. Blane was bent over catching his breath.

“Hey, I’m sorry,” Nelson said. “I didn’t know.”

“Didn’t know?” Blane looked confused.

“That you were in the park instead of at high school,” Nelson said.

“Group home,” Blane nodded. “They wanted the fee for having me there but didn’t want to have to deal with me.”

“I can’t believe that Enrique made such a monumental deal about something you did in high school,” Nelson said. “And people believed him. That’s incredible to me.”

“Wealth,” Blane said. He looked Nelson straight in the face. “The wealthy never hesitate to make the poor feel as if being pour is some moral failing.”

“I’m sorry,” Nelson said.

“Oh,” Blane grinned. His eyes flicked to Jacob. His eyebrows went up. “I saw you run into the wall.”

Blane pointed at Jacob, and Jacob nodded. They laughed while Nelson gawked at him.

“You two are like Jacob’s twins!” Nelson said, with a slow shake of his head.

“Celia made me finish high school at an alternative school,” Blane said. “I also got my GED.”

“Mom was crazy for education,” Jacob said with a nod. “He lived with us until Mom got sick.”

“What happened then?” Nelson asked.

“Mom bought her best friend this falling down house on Race Street and moved in there,” Jacob said with a snort. “They sold their house in Crestmore and split up the business. Val was at college. I moved in with them.”

“I moved into an apartment,” Blane said.

“He wanted his ‘space,’” Jacob said. “It wasn’t very far. He ate meals with us and Dad …”

“That’s a mess,” Blane said with a grin. “Let’s run.”

“Run! Run! Run!” Mack croaked.

They started running again. They ran down toward the Martin Luther King statue.

“So, Jacob …” Nelson started.

“What?” Jacob asked.

“These powers of yours,” Nelson said.

“What about them?” Jacob asked.

“Where do they come from?” Nelson asked.

“Who knows?” Jacob shrugged.

“Abi says that Jacob is nearly a direct descendant of Gilfand,” Blane said. “Fin and Jacob are something like third cousins.”

“Huh,” Nelson said. “Gilfand has a lot of children. Most of them don’t have powers.”

“Go figure,” Jacob said. “Sprints?”

“Faster! Faster!” Mack cheered.

Blane took off. Jacob and Nelson sprinted after him.

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