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Chapter Five Hundred and sixty-one : Past meets present (part one)


(part one)

Thursday early morning — 4:29 a.m

“I thought you’d be there,” Jacob said as Blane came out of Nelson’s house.

They were dressed to take the dogs for a run around City Park. Jacob had Sarah and Buster on leashes and Mack in a sport stroller. Jacob nodded to Mack.

“He’s still really sick, but he insisted on going,” Jacob said. “Heather couldn’t deter him.”

Jacob and Blane looked up as Nelson came down the stairs to join them.

“I’ll take him,” Nelson said.

Still sucking his thumb, Mack looked up at Nelson.

“Can you go really fast?” Mack asked around his thumb.

The child gave a little cough. Blane knelt down to check to see if Mack was warm enough. The child had about five inches of clothing on, a hat, and a warm fleece blanket.

“Really fast,” Nelson said with a nod.

“Okay,” Mack said.

Nelson grinned and went to stand behind the stroller. Blane got up. Jacob gave Blane the leash to Buster the ugly dog.

“Now, I want no fighting, no show boating …” Jacob said in a mock official tone. “And …”

Jacob took off. Laughing, Blane and Nelson easily caught up with him. They fell into a vigorous pace as the men shot up Seventeenth Avenue. They stopped at the lights and then crossed into the East High Esplanade.

“Did you go here?” Jacob asked Nelson.

“Yeah, I was a couple years after you,” Nelson said.

“You didn’t go to the Catholic School?” Blane asked.

“I went there a couple of years, but Micheal Junior started,” Nelson said. “I couldn’t deal, so Dad transferred me to East.”

Blane nodded.

“You?” Nelson asked.

“Here,” Blane said.

He gave Buster’s leash to Nelson and took off down the Esplanade with Mack. Mack squealed with delight.

“What did I say?” Nelson asked.

“He was in the park during high school,” Jacob said. “Doing drugs and servicing men. You know, prostitution? Addiction?”

“Oh,” Nelson said. Nelson stopped running. “You mean this crap about him being an addict and a prostitute was when he was a kid?”

“Fourteen to Sixteen,” Jacob said. “Come on. He feels like an asshole enough.”

Nelson ran along with Jacob. They watched Blane and Mack head into the park.

“And anyway, if you can’t fucking handle it, then maybe you should head home,” Jacob said in a gruff voice.

Nelson ran right into a wall of psychokinetic energy. He hit the wall and slid down to the sidewalk. Buster walked right through it.

“What the …?” Nelson asked.

“Go home,” Jacob said.

“I didn’t know you could do that,” Nelson said. “I thought you were human.”

Jacob stopped running to turn and look at Nelson.

“What’s it to you?” Jacob asked.

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