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Chapter Five Hundred and sixty-one : Past meets present (part five)


(part five)

Aphrodite sniffed. The “women” got out of the car and went into the school. They checked into the office. Aphrodite was silent through the “vapid conversation with the imbecile at the front desk” and when the “ugly gnome” (hall monitor) walked them down the hallway. Heather didn’t need to hear these judgments from her grandmother. She had heard them enough times over the years that she could repeat her grandmother’s ridicules in her head.

Heather stole a look at Aphrodite. Much to her surprise, the Goddess gave Heather a soft, kind smile rather than the nod of agreement at the judgments that had gone through Heather’s head. Heather had only a moment to process this change because the hall monitor stopped at the upper grade student’s room. Heather gave her grandmother a stern look at the door and opened it.

They stood on the edge of the room for only a moment. Noelle noticed them first. She jumped up from her seat and ran to Heather for a hug. Nash, Teddy, Ivy, Tink and Charlie were right there.

“Is there news?” Charlie asked.

“Oh dears,” Aphrodite said before Heather could answer. “Your Sandy is healing. Don’t you worry. She will be home very soon. She is strong and well loved.”

The Goddess’s voice was like a salve to some deeply hidden wound. For a moment, the teenagers stopped moving. When Heather and Tink exchanged a wide-eyed look of irritation, the others started moving back to their seats.

“See,” Aphrodite said. “I know more than my fair share about love.”

Heather had to fight rolling her eyes like a twelve year old. Her grandmother gave her a laughing grin.

“Quiet! Quiet!” their history teacher yelled over the din. “Take your seats!”

Heather and her grandmother made their way to the teacher while the students wandered back to their seats.

“Heather Lipson,” she said, shaking the teacher’s hand. “This is my grandmother, Agnes. She was a professor in Greek History.”

“Heather,” the teacher said with a nod. “Agnes. I am so glad you could make it. When Noelle told me that you were an expert in all things historic Greek, I jumped at the chance to have you come to talk to us. It’s so good for the students to hear this material from many different voices and angles.”

“Happy we could help,” Heather said with a nod. “We were told that you wanted us to go over the six types of love as defined by the Greek culture.”

“Sounds great!” the teacher said. Leaning in, he added, “This is such a smart and lively group of kids that you can expect lots of interesting questions.”

“Who are you?” a sneering tween in the front row asked.

“Now, Joey …” the teacher started. “Let’s not start off like that.”

“No, it’s okay,” Heather said. “I understand. I’m Heather Lipson. My husband is Blane. He has worked at Lipson Construction for a long time.”

“So you’re here because you’re married to a relative of the owner?” The boy asked.

“Joey!” the teacher said.

“I am here because I’m an expert at ancient Greece,” Heather said. “I speak a number of ancient and dead languages including ancient and modern Greek. I have read most of the source material as they were written.”

“What about her?” Joey asked.

“My grandmother has a PhD in a number of Greek specialties from Greek Literature to Greek Archeology. She’s been on most of the significant archeological digs. She is the reason I am so familiar with all of these dead languages.”

Heather pointed to her grandmother and said, “It’s her fault.”

The children chuckled.

“I have a question,” Jill’s sister, Candy’s adopted daughter asked.

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