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Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty-nine : Nothing to see here (part three)


(part three)

“He’s made some THC patches,” Charlie said. “He gave me one when I came in. He thought that it might help.”

Sandy shook her head. He knew how much she was against marijuana use.

“I’m not going to argue with you,” Charlie said. “I’m only going to say that these chemicals all have a use. One of the uses of marijuana is for pain relief. It won’t make you a dope head. It just might help your pain. Bernie said that there are some studies about the use of it for people with PTSD.”

Sandy’s eyes flicked to look at Charlie directly.

“Not that you have PTSD or anything,” Charlie said.

Sandy tried to grin at him but was mostly unable.

“Now, none of that,” Charlie said. “Do you want to try it?”

Sandy looked at the ceiling for a moment before giving him a slight nod. He pulled back the covers again.

“Bernie said on your thigh,” Charlie said. “Maresol put you in pajama bottoms.”

“’s-ok,” Sandy said.

Charlie pulled down her pajama bottoms and put on the patch. He pulled up her pants and pulled the covers back on.

“He said he made these himself,” Charlie said. “Watched a YouTube video or something like that. Do you think he did?”

Sandy lifted a shoulder.

“Yeah, I don’t know either,” Charlie said.

She lay back and hoped that the pain meds or the patch would start working.

“In the meantime,” Charlie said. “I brought a book.”

“C-nt rr-dd,” Sandy said.

“Ah yes, my lady,” Charlie said in a bright voice. “You cannot read, but I can.”

Sandy looked at Charlie. He held up a copy of The Witches by Roald Dahl. Sandy made an effort to clap which caused her to gasp in pain and her hands went “thump.” It was one of her favorite books.

“I also have a copy of The Hobbit,” Charlie said. “And, if you’d like to branch out, we could start Harry Potter.”

“I-v r’d Hrry,” Sandy said.

“Well, I could always get you Little Women,” Charlie said. “Or should I call it by its official name …”

“L’ B-tchz,” Sandy said.

Charlie laughed and then became serious.

“Tink and I are staying here at Seth’s along with Nash, Teddy, and Noelle,” Charlie said.

Sandy gave him a slight nod.

“Nash, Teddy, and Nadia are talking to the Fey Team,” Charlie said. “The team is on their way to Poland but won’t be there for a few days. Hopefully, you’ll be better to watch when they go into your mine.”

Sandy didn’t respond so Charlie pressed on.

“Teddy and Nash, even Noelle, have a lot planned, but I’m not going anywhere,” Charlie said. “I’m not working this weekend so you sleep when you need to. I’ll read when you’re awake. Next week, after school, I’ll be here.”

Charlie gave a nod.

“Wrrk?” Sandy asked.

“I’m taking family leave,” Charlie said. “We all talked and it seems like I have the most freedom. I think everyone would rather be here. I am just lucky enough to be able to.”

“A-D’nn,” Sandy said.

“He’s at work now,” Charlie said. “But he’ll be back. He was going to try to work here, but Seth talked him out of it. You know, Seth’s rule for everyone else.”

“Wr a’ WrK,” Sandy tried to say as Charlie said, “Work at work.”

“Of course, he works all the time,” Charlie said. “Are you sorry Aden’s not here?”

Sandy moved her hand across her forehead as if she were relieved.

“So you have the second string,” Charlie said with a big smile. “Shall we start?”

Sandy nodded. He took his reading glasses pouch from his pocket. With great flourish, he pulled the glasses from the pouch and put them on. He gave her a kind smile and started to read.

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