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Chapter Five Hundred and sixty : Good friends (part two)


(part two)

“That’s because you have a powerful daughter,” Heather said. “You’ve chosen to let her thrive as herself rather than keep her love and power with you. Demeter didn’t want to give her daughter up.

“Anyway, Hades and Persephone met in a field.” Heather nodded. “They just fell for each other. Hard. Demeter was afraid that her daughter might leave her. They snuck around for a while but Demeter caught them. One of the reasons Hades took the honor of caring for the souls of the dead was to get away from her wrath. Of course, Persephone became so despondent without her lover that Demeter relented.”

“Those pomegranate seeds?” Jeraine asked. “He looked at me and said, ‘It wasn’t pomegranate seeds I implanted in her’ and then laughed.”

“They have children,” Heather said. “Most of them live in the world. If you’d like, you can meet them. They are as lovely as their parents are.”

The women and Jeraine fell silent thinking about the story they’d heard.

“Did he think Zeus was crazy?” Tanesha asked Jeraine.

“Oh yea,” Jeraine said. “I said something about Zeus raping everyone and he said, ‘I can’t imagine how he did that from the Sea of Amber.’ Then he and Lucifer laughed.”

“Everyone knew that Zeus was a problem,” Heather said with a nod.

“Why do you think the stories are so different from what happened?” Jill asked.

“Stories are stories,” Heather said. “It’s only in modern time that we confuse stories with fact. Look at the news now. We get stories about facts in newspapers and on the television. Stories about facts are not facts. They are carefully edited to make them interesting.”

Heather shrugged.

“What in life makes sense?” Heather asked. “Look at Sandy’s situation. Nothing about it makes any sense.”

The women and Jeraine nodded. Jeraine poured more tea from the thermos he’d brought.

“Life is life,” Heather said. “We’re not meant to understand it all. We are meant to live it.”

Lost in thought, no one responded. A few minutes later, the nurse peeked inside the room.

“She’s awake,” the nurse said. “She’s very weak. Is her husband here?”

“We sent him home to rest,” Jill said.

The nurse looked at Heather and said, “Oh, hello.”

Heather smiled.

“Do I know you?” the nurse asked. “I feel like I know you.”

“I get that a lot,” Heather said. “I’m Heather Lipson.”

“Nice to meet you. I met your husband,” the nurse said.

“Blane,” Heather said.

“Nice guy,” the nurse said. “Sandy did ask for her husband. When she heard that he had gone home, she said, ‘My friends are here’ with great confidence. You must be good friends.”

“The best,” Jill said.

The nurse looked at Jeraine.

“Not offended,” Jeraine said.

“Okay, two at a time,” the nurse said. “For five minutes, no more. Then she must rest. She was very near death. It’s going to take time for her to come back fully. So don’t wear her out now.”

“Of course,” Heather said. She nodded to Tanesha and Jill. “You two can go. I’ll call Aden.”

“I can call Aden,” Jeraine said. “Maybe the nurse will …”

The women turned to look at the nurse.

“Oh okay,” the nurse said, a little intimidated. “But do not upset her. Only happy, joyous faces.”

“Of course,” Jill said.

The nurse led them into the private ICU where Sandy was staying, and Jeraine went to call Aden.

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