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Chapter Five Hundred and sixty : Good friends (part one)


(part one)

Wednesday afternoon — 3:42 p.m

“Isn’t he the one who raped the daughter of …” Jill asked.

Jill looked at Tanesha and she said, “Demeter. Tricked her into having to stay with him by feeding her pomegranate seeds.”

“That’s what I said,” Jeraine said. “He groaned and dropped his head into his hands. Lucifer shook his head and laughed. Then Hades asked me if I had a mother-in-law. I just shrugged because Yvonne is such a joy but …”

“That’s a story that Demeter tells,” Heather said as she walked into the small family room next to Sandy’s hospital room where the girlfriends has camped out in. “Gods know why anyone believes it.”

“Heather!” Jill and Tanesha said in near unison. They got up to hug their friend. “We were kicked out because they thought …”

“Sandy should be awake,” Heather said with a nod. “It’s going to take some time, but she’s going to be okay.”

They’d been scolded so many times by the nurses that they didn’t dare cheer. Instead, they beamed at Heather.

“Jeraine met Hades and Lucifer,” Tanesha said to Heather. “They kept calling him Jeraine Smith.”

Heather grinned.

“He was too intimidated to correct them,” Tanesha said.

The women shot laughing looked at Jeraine.

“Okay, okay,” Jeraine said. “I dare any of you to stand in front of those two and not be intimidated.”

“They are powerful,” Heather said with a nod.

“Will you tell us about his wife?” Tanesha asked.

“The story Demeter tells is that Persephone can only escape the dark for half of the year,” Heather said. “That’s they spring and summer are only half of the year.”

“On one side of the globe,” Jill said.

“Exactly,” Heather said. “The Greeks were world travelers. They knew better, they just …”

Heather shrugged.

“Let the mother have her story,” Heather said.

“What’s the real one?” Jill asked.

“You know about Kronos eating his children?” Heather asked.

“Zeus is supposed to have freed them,” Tanesha said with a shake of his head. “I can’t imagine that man tying his shoes without help.”

“No one really knows what happened,” Heather said. “It is what Zeus says and he was the only one there to tell the story. Anyway, Hades is the eldest and the last freed. When he came out, he wanted to travel the world. See what he had missed. He is handsome, powerful, and deeply kind.”

“He has the power of truly kind people,” Jeraine said with a nod. “You just want to be decent around him.”

Heather nodded.

“While he was traveling, he ran into Demeter and Persephone,” Heather said. “Persephone traveled with her mother as a child. Her mother lived a rather lonely life, and Persephone is lovely. It was really nice for Demeter to have her daughter with her.”

“Seems kind of selfish to me,” Jill said.

“That’s because you have a powerful daughter,” Heather said. “You’ve chosen to let her thrive as herself rather than keep her love and power with you. Demeter didn’t want to give her daughter up.

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