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Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty-four : The love of money (part four)


(part four)

“Sucks,” Heather said. “So maybe you should just be honest about what you want.”

“I am honest,” Jeraine said.

“Then tell me what you want,” Heather said. “Lay it out for me.”

“What’s that going to do?” Jeraine asked. “You’re going to magic it all away?”

“I won’t magic it away,” Heather said.

“Agreement with Tanesha,” Jeraine and Heather said in near unison.

“Fine,” Jeraine said.

“But I might be able to see what you have that he does not,” Heather said.

“What doesn’t he have?” Jeraine asked. “He has piles of cash. He has everything.”

Heather shook her head. Jeraine just looked at her for a long time.

“Shit,” Jeraine said. “You’re saying that because of his … that Greek word.”

“Philarguria,” Heather said with a nod.

“He basically only has money,” Jeraine said. “I don’t have money …”

Heather opened her mouth to speak, but Jeraine held up a finger.

“I don’t have a lot of money,” he repeated, “but I friends, good friends. I have Tanesha. And my parents are even proud of me now. I have … I don’t know the others, but I have Jammy and I have …”

He fell silent.

“That lady who invited you on her tour last year?” Heather asked. Jeraine nodded. “What is it that she said? Something like, ‘If you ever need anything…’?”

“Shit,” Jeraine said.

“What?” Heather asked.

“I know a lot of artists,” Jeraine said. “I could put the word out on this situation and get people to boycott his casino. Hell, stop going to Vegas at all. Boycott the place because it’s racists to African-Americans.”

“It won’t be everyone,” Heather said.

“Yeah, but I know O’Malley,” Jeraine said. “Or my Dad does.”

“It’s the kind of thing O’Malley would hate,” Heather said. “He hates unfairness or any kind.”

“True,” Jeraine nodded. “And he knows everyone. And I know …”

“You should check with Jammy,” Heather said.

“Good thinking,” Jeraine said. “In case I get in trouble for talking about it.”

Jeraine nodded and fell silent thinking.

“You think that will happen,” Jeraine said.

“I think the man who has only eyes for money is easily blindsided by people who love well and completely in all areas,” Heather said.

“Agape,” Jeraine said.

“Hey! How did you …?” Heather asked.

“Mike,” Jeraine said with a grin. “He was a little freaked that Noelle thought he showed Agape. You know, it breaks up his bad ass image.”

They fell silent for a moment.

“You have to be a badass to truly love everyone,” Heather said.

Jeraine nodded. They fell silent for a while.

“You mind if I call Jammy,” Jeraine said.

“Go ahead,” Heather said. She looked at her watch. “We have ten minutes more minutes before we dry. If you’re still talking, I’ll start the next loads and the dryer.”

“You don’t mind?” Jeraine asked.

“Ever try to clean a garment with a rock and a stream?” Heather asked.

Grinning, Jeraine shook his head and went to get his cell phone.

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