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Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty-five : Deep friendships (part three)


(part three)

“You probably remember that the other kids are staying at O’Malley’s,” Heather said.

Sandy nodded.

“I’ve heard that they are having a great time,” Heather said. “Teddy is learning to cook from Maresol. Katy said that Noelle sat in with them at their piano class. Nash is helping Delphie in the new greenhouse they built.”

“N-sh?” Sandy asked.

“He’s very sad,” Jill started.

They fell silent.

Sandy held her arms out in a “Why?” gesture.

“He feels responsible for what happened to you,” Jill said.

“Abi destroyed his and Teddy’s phone,” Heather said.

Sandy nodded and gestured that this was why Nash was sad. Jill and Heather shared a look. Jill nodded to Heather.

“I think he genuinely feels bad,” Heather said. “I went to school to talk about the six kinds of love according to the Greeks. He was almost non-responsive.”

“Delphie talked to him about his phone addiction,” Jill said.

“G-d,” Sandy said. She gestured to her ears.

“Oh,” Heather said with a sigh. “I think he heard her. He is very upset. Won’t speak to Nadia. Cries in his sleep. He’s very …”

“He loves you,” Jill said.

“But T-d,” Sandy said.

“Well, Teddy admits that he was why you turned,” Jill said. “He feels badly but it’s really destroyed Nash.”

“Teddy has been through so much that he’s a little more resilient,” Heather said.

“Or he’s keeping a strong face because Nash is so upset,” Jill said.

“Either way, we have eyes on him,” Heather said.

Sandy gave a little nod. She paused for a minute. She couldn’t write because of the injuries to her hands. She pointed to herself.

“You …” Jill said.

Sandy pointed to her eyes.

“See?” Jill said.

“She wants to see herself,” Heather said.

The women shared a look over Sandy’s bed.

“I don’t know, Sandy, it’s not a great idea,” Jill said.

Sandy gave Jill and then Heather her intense look. The women looked at each other for a moment. Heather acquiesced, but Jill was firm.

“Pl-ssss,” Sandy said.

Jill’s resolve broke. They took out a small mirror from Jill’s backpack. They leaned in together and held up the mirror.

Sandy’s eyes welled with tears as she assessed the damage.

Sandy had two deep wells of dark purple under her eyes. Her eye lids were thick pads of black and blue. Her nose had been reset by the plastic surgeon. It was covered in a kind of a cast. The rest of her face was a mottled display of yellow, purple, and red. She put her hand to her neck.

“You have cracked a vertebrae,” Heather said. “They believe it will heal without intervention. The neck brace will help with that.”

“You broke your ankle and then your leg,” Jill said. “They were set in surgery. The doctors think they should heal easily.”

“The biggest worry at this point is infection,” Heather said.

Sandy nodded that she understood. She continued to look at herself in the mirror for another moment before dropping it to her lap. Sandy’s eyes closed.

After a moment, Heather and Jill moved away from the bed. Sandy had been awake and asleep for the last few days. They had some concern about her memory as Sandy often asked about the same things over and over again. She didn’t always remember what they’d said the last time.

But for now, she was resting.

And that was good.

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