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Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty-five : Deep friendships (part six)


(part six)

Nash glanced at him. John had a beautiful laugh. Nash had never heard it before. In fact, Nash had never spent any time along with this man. Even so, he was one of Nash’s ideal men. John was gorgeous, fit, and muscular. He was tall like Nash was going to be tall. His best friend was gay and he had no problem with that. But mostly, John Drayson had been married to the same woman for a long time.

“Happily married,” MJ’s voice jumped into Nash’s mind. “It’s mind blowing how happy they are. So when John talks, I listen, because man — who else has credentials like that?”

Nash smiled at the memory of MJ.

“What are you thinking?” John asked.

“I was remembering MJ,” Nash said. “He says that he always listens to your advice about marriage because you’re so happy.”

John nodded.

“I’m a little surprised that you aren’t wondering why we’re out here,” John said.

“Murder me and leave me here for the coyotes?” Nash asked.

“What?” John asked in a horrified voice. “No. I …”

Nash laughed. John gave a rueful shake of his head, and they kept walking. They reached the Sand Creek River. Golden-red in color from mine run off, the sandy bottomed river was a haven for big birds. John pointed as a Red Tailed Hawk flew overhead.

“I figured it was because I had this weird conversation with Samantha Hargreaves,” Nash said. “She came over to talk to Val and they talked to Noelle.”

“Who said nothing about you,” John said.

Nash grunted.

“My sisters are like that,” John said with a smile. “To this day. Someone says, ‘Oh are you John’s sister?’ and they are like ‘Who wants to know?’”

“IRA training,” Nash said.

“That’s the PIRA to you, young man,” John said with a laugh.

“What’s the P mean?” Nash asked.

“Nothing,” John said. “I’m sorry I said that. It was a long time ago and won’t help you feel better.”

“I don’t think anything will help me feel better,” Nash sighed.

“I wanted to tell you a story,” John said. “I think it might help.”

Nash glanced at him.

“Do you mind if we walk and talk?” John asked.

“I’d like that,” Nash said. “Is it about Alex?”

“It’s about me,” John said.

“Okay,” Nash said. “But how …?”

“My wife and her twin decided that I could help you,” John said.

Nash grinned.

“They are usually right, so I agreed,” John said. “Although, if I’m being truthful, I usually agree to what they ask because I love them and they truly ask for very little.”

“Sounds like them,” Nash nodded.

“Of course, if our chat doesn’t go well, they will know,” John said.

John pointed up into the air.

“Satellite,” John whispered.

Nash laughed out loud. It was the first real laugh he’d laughed since Sandy had fallen. The laugh turned into a cough and his eyes welled with tears. John put his hand on Nash’s shoulder.

“Would you like to hear my story?” John asked.

“Please,” Nash choked.

John looked at Nash for a second and began.

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