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Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty-five : Deep friendships (part four)


(part four)

Friday afternoon — 2:01 p.m.

Marlowe School

After tapping on the door, Dr. John Drayson leaned his head in to the classroom.

“Now!” an adult man yelled.

The room was in the middle of some kind of experiment. A medical doctor, John tried to figure out what they were doing. The students had been in two tight groups together. When the science teacher had yelled, they began to spin in place out of the group. The groups began to mingle.

“Create a third group!” the man yelled.

“Second law of thermodynamics.” John’s first words in the classroom.

The students continued their spinning until the entire room was full of spinning, giggling students.

“Can you feel it?” the man who was clearly the science teacher yelled. “More energy in the third group.”

The students were so intent on laughing and spinning that they continued despite the science teacher’s words.

“Okay, let’s stop now, so we have time to talk about what happened,” the man said.

Caught up in their adventure, the students kept bumping into each other and laughing.

“We have to stop!” the man said.

John let out a very loud whistle. Everyone in the classroom turned to gawk at him. Charlie started walking in his direction.

“Who are you?” the man asked.

“I apologize. John Drayson,” John said, in his clipped London accent. “I was just trying to help.”

“Yes, well,” the man said. “I’m their science teacher.”

“Yes, I noticed — Second Law of Thermodynamics?” John asked.

“Exactly,” the science teacher said. “We’re all together here so I try to find fun ways for the older kids to engage with the younger kids.”

“It looked very fun,” John said. “I wish you were my science teacher.”

The science teacher blushed and looked back at the room. With a break in the conversation, Charlie hugged John.

“How are you, Charlie?” John asked.

“I’m good,” Charlie said. He stood a little straighter. “I’m getting through high school.”

“Great job,” John said. “I’m proud of you.”

Charlie looked at the science teacher and back at John.

“This is Dr. John Drayson,” Charlie said. “He saved my life.”

John waved his modesty waved his hand in no and shook his head.

“He seriously did,” Charlie said.

“How did you save Charlie?” the science teacher asked.

“Charlie had been badly beaten,” John said. “He had an artery that began to lead. I was his surgeon.”

“In the ICU,” Charlie said. “While I was awake. He was making jokes with his wife.”

“I think that she was making the jokes,” John said. “To keep you cheerful.”

Charlie nodded.

“That is impressive,” the science teacher said. “Are you here for Charlie?”

“While it’s always nice to see Charlie. And Noelle;” John smiled at Noelle. “I am actually here for Nash Norsen.”

“How’s Sandy?” Noelle asked in quick anxious language. “Have you been to see her?”

“She’s healing,” John said. “It’s just going to take time. I know she was hoping to go home tonight. With any luck that will happen. She is still in early healing.”

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