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Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty-five : Deep friendships (part five)


(part five)

Everyone in the classroom knew what had happened to Sandy Norsen, the wife of Lipson Construction CEO, and their friend’s mother.

“Do you need to see the note as well?” John asked the science teacher.

“Note?” the science teacher asked.

“For Nash,” John asked.

“Oh, no,” the science teacher said. “You checked in with the office.”

“I did,” John said. “A security guard brought me here, but he was called away for a lack of toilet paper emergency in another area of the building.”

The science teacher gave John a quick grin before nodding.

“I understand that Nash will miss the wrap up of this lesson,” John said. “I will engender to do my best to help.”

“It’s okay,” the science teacher said. “We really just try to give them a taste of this stuff now. If they’re interested they will pursue it.”

Teddy ran up and hugged John.

“Where did you come from?” John asked. Looking at the science teacher, he said, “Teddy lives in my household sometimes. His father is in the military so Teddy lives with Nash in the summer and with us part time during the school year.”

“What are you doing here?” Teddy asked.

“I came to talk to Nash,” John said.

Teddy blanched and looked back at Nash.

“You should be nice to him,” Teddy said. “He’s really upset.”

“I was nice to you,” John said mildly.

“Were you?” Teddy asked. “It didn’t seem very nice to me.”

“So says the one who should be in Federal Prison,” John said quietly.

“That was a long time ago!” Teddy said, indignantly.

John laughed openly, and Teddy looked a little embarrassed. Recovering quickly, John turned to the science teacher.

“I will return him to where he’s staying,” John said.

The science teacher nodded and turned to Nash. The boy shuffled to the door. He grabbed his backpack out of his locker and followed John out the door. John put his arm over the boy’s shoulder to guide him out of the school.

They drove up Smith Road until they reached the Sand Creek Greenway.

“The dogs will hate us for not bringing them,” Nash said when John parked.

“It’s okay for us to spend some time talking,” John said. “If Maggie or Buster or even Sarah were here, we’d play with them and never get to the heart of the matter.”

“What is the heart of the matter?” Nash asked with a sigh.

“That’s what we need to figure out,” John said. Softly, he added, “Come on.”

They walked across the bridge and into the greenway.

“Did you ever come here before the clean up?” John asked.

“I’m fifteen,” Nash said.

“That’s right,” John said with a laugh.

Nash glanced at him. John had a beautiful laugh. Nash had never heard it before. In fact, Nash had never spent any time along with this man. Even so, he was one of Nash’s ideal men.

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