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Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty-eight : Healing power of love (part three)


(part three)

“Okay, I know,” Sissy said. “It’s not like I’m non-competitive or anything.”

Sissy sighed.

“Maybe it’s just me,” Sissy said. “After almost a year of ballet school in New York, getting shot and almost dying, and then coming here … Maybe ballet is my life now because my life is ballet, and has been ballet for a long time.”

Sandy’s mouth shifted to a kind of grin for Sissy. She shrugged.

“I think it’s the right choice,” Sissy said. “I still love living with Claire and Ben. It’s a crazy place. You never know who’s going to be at dinner. That’s some of the fun. They’ve been incredibly kind to me. Supportive. Even with Ivan. That’s a reason not to rush out of school.”

Sandy nodded.

“You think you’ll still be able to come to our final performance?” Sissy asked.

“If I can,” Sandy wrote out while Sissy waited.

Sissy nodded.

“I know what that’s like,” Sissy said with a sigh. “Dinner tonight is with Alex and her team. I guess they are heading to do that thing for Nash.”

Sandy gestured to herself.

“That’s right,” Sissy said. “It’s your book.”

Sandy gave a slight nod.

“Anyway, it’s madness when they come,” Sissy said. “Fun, but completely insane.”

“Summer?” Sandy typed.

“I’m still not sure what I’m doing this summer,” Sissy said. “Ivan’s been invited to help with those mass graves near the prison he was in. He’s not sure he wants to go, but Ivan and Jill’s grandfather are the only ones who were there and are now still alive. That alone seems like a reason to not go, but he also wants to make sure that people get home to their families.”

“O’Malley,” Sandy typed.

“So much like O’Malley,” Sissy said with a laugh. “Do you think Ivan got that from Seth?”

Sandy lifted a shoulder in a shrug. Sissy nodded.

“Anyway, I might go with him to Siberia,” Sissy said. “I might come home.”

Sandy brightened, and Sissy laughed.

“New York City,” Sissy said.

“Come see me,” Sandy typed.

Sissy grinned.

“Rachel Ann says that at the end of every conversation,” Sissy said. “Noelle and Nash too.”

“Not Charlie?” Sandy asked.

Sissy laughed.

“Charlie wants to come here for the summer,” Sissy said. “He and Tink want to come here.”

Sandy shook her head.

“You’re right,” Sissy said. “That’s not going to happen.”

Sandy smiled. Her smiled began to fall as desperate fatigue overcame her.

“Listen,” Sissy said leaning forward. “Heal up. You have a big life ahead of you. Heal up.”

Sandy nodded.

“Do you remember saying that to me when I was in the hospital?” Sissy asked.

Sandy’s hand went to her chest. Sissy nodded.

“Now, it’s your turn,” Sissy said. “Heal up.”

Sandy gave Sissy an exhausted nod.

“I’ll call tomorrow,” Sissy said.

Sandy gave a vague nod.

“Love you, Sandy,” Sissy said.

Sandy’s hand went to her chest and Sissy nodded. When the screen when black, Sandy fell back against her pillow. She was asleep when Aden picked up the laptop and set it aside. He kissed her cheek and went back to sit on the couch.

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